Code Grey (Walkers On Evac pt3)

((2 km outside Colony Abraham, Mira III))

Mendez waved down the walker as it came, the marine inside scaling down to relieve Lily. "Lily, I need you to help prep the commander for the evac," she said to her.

"How long do you think we have to get him on a ship," Lily asked.

"If I managed to get his S-B levels down, an extra half-hour," she responded. Consulting her scanner, they were leveling out. She kept an eye on it, well aware it wasn't over yet.

They waited but the walker and its detection of hostiles did not go unnoticed. Three shells wracked into barrels as it took a sturdy stance. Mendez looked to the marine helping them, noting their name patch. "McCormick, report," she said, professional voice sounding over the walker. "ETA of evac?" She asked when she was filled in.

Mendez nodded and grabbed up her plasma weapon, pulling a spare Type A Cell and slotting it under the barrel. A charged hum accompanied it as she looked to the north. She could hear the monstrosities yelling their scream for death even three hundred meters away.

"Lily, stay close," she said, giving the weapon back to her. "It is going to be loud."

She heard the colonist moan, stirring a bit under the watchful eyes of McCormick.

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