Purging The Inhuman (pt1)

((MNS Archangel, Mira System))

The timer was counting down and the captain watched it as Tube B cleared. Weapons discharge was occurring in Tube A, the marines holding steadfast against a truly deadly force. They gave no ground, merely gyroscopically stable self-propelled round after round. More marines were still onboard the maltech ship, fighting to the last man.

He closed his eyes. It had to be done. Protocol dictated it, necessity and security demanded it. He opened his eyes to the final seconds.





The tube closed on the opposite end as the mag-locks disengaged. The Archangel slid free of the Kieg, reversing smoothly away as a target lock registered.


There was no beam, there was no perception of a the weapon firing, save for the thrum of it and the readings on the screens. Only the result, a metadimensional tear ripping the ship apart as the Implosion Field Projector struck deep. Those that remained onboard were saved from whatever terrible death that awaited them, a mercy killing.

It was a thought he had to believe. It was one he knew was false.

"Enemy vessel, destroyed," came the expected report.

The Kieg flared bright before dying out, warped fragments of hull glowing with heat, the ship wiped off of sensors. The intermediate radiation spikes of the reactor faded completely, now nothing more than background noise.

The Mandate warship slid back into orbit over the colony. "Begin retrieval operations," Captain Peng ordered. "Prepare Antaeus Missile, lock onto the colony."

"Sir, aye aye, sir!"

"And bring me Captain Lecter, when possible."

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