Mendez said to Lily, "Mandate orders, ma'am. Trust me, I have had more than a headache for the past week with them."

”then you need some time to relax” lily said.

As Mendez started to play the ocarin lily started to dance again with the music. She did complicated moments and complications making it look easy. Just as Mendez was impressed by lily’s dancing, she was impressed by Mendez’s playing. The music was beautiful, and this was the first time in a long time she had had the chance to dance with live music. She hoped that perhaps they would get the chance to practice like this together again in the future.

As this continue lily misjudged a jump closing her to land improperly, she fell hiring the ground hard. Her right ankle very quickly showed since of injury. Injury, such as this wail uncommon were not totally unhurried of even the most practiced dancer's fell and hurt yourself once in a while. Lily was not initially bothered she tried to get up and start to dance only to fall again and realize that she could not stand on it. ” that felt wonderful” she said shaking her head.

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