Evacuate (Walkers On Evac finales)

((Mira III, Mira System))

The walker was doing a fine job of distracting the maltech creatures attacking en masse, crunching those underfoot and giving them oblivion when presented with the main guns and machine guns. It was a spectacle befitting a holodrama, the sheer violence of the carnage before Mendez and the away team.

Moira One to ground teams, the captain has ordered an RTB, effective immediately. Orbital bombardment eminent, don't worry none! Carryalls are enroute for the walkers.

Mendez looked at the comm, knowing that time was now even shorter. Protocol dictated what was to be done.

The monsters were not entirely focused upon the walker, some breaking off from the horde to sprint towards the away team. McCormick raised her rifle as Mendez watched, fully aware that these things were capable of ripping everyone apart. She doubted that evac would arrive in time, debating whether they should run.

The sudden boom of the shuttles coming down was lost in the symphony of guns. The appearance of a shadow made them all look up as two shuttles came low, one turning to present the ramp while the other took up position above the walker. The first barely touched the ground as marines hopped off to form a perimeter.

"Move it, move it!" They yelled through the combat.

Mendez began urging Lily as fast as she could, aware that monsters were close behind. The second shuttle unsheathed its hardpoint, a single multifocal laser. Barely armed for most craft, it was still capable of shooting down fighters and wiping swaths of infantry. It was precisely what happened as it swept its laser across the ground, cutting flesh neatly in a searing line of coherent light.

"This is Carryall One, I have sight on primary force. No visual on asset lead."

"Moira Two, Carryall One. I am over the away team, asset lead on site."

"Affirm! Kilo Two Three, pickup three mikes. What is your situation, over?"

With the away team on the shuttle, marines quickly piled onboard. Mendez took a breather, thankful that it was almost over. Not that she hated the fact that she was sent on an away mission. Perhaps some time onboard would be the detox she needed from so much adventure.

She turned to McCormick and Lily. "Well done. I will be sure to let the captain know of your performances," she said with a professional voice. It did not take a psychic to see that she was drained, as the shuttle lifted.

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