Lily hurried into the shuttle. The only serving colonist lost from mind. As they got onto the shuttle her mind racing with questions. The first of witch was why and how something like this could happen. But all thoughts of that were lost as Mendez spoke.

She could tell from Mendez’s voice she was tired. She did something unexpected in that moment. She reached out and pulled Dr Mendez into a hug. “ you are tired Doctor. You can’t take care of anyone if you don’t take care of yourself ” she said quietly. She settled and started to sing a lullaby. Her thoughts was to try and ease the tension of everyone there. Her voice was soft and musical however it was clear that she was not professional.

She looked over to the commander she put a gentle hand on his shoulder. He looked so alone and helpless to her. She also know it was partly her fault. “ we are here for you” she thought quietly. She half wondered if he felt alone on the ship most people were ether afraid of him or did not like him because of his ability’s. Wail she did not like how he used his ability she did like him as a person though she would not voice that for fear of upsetting him.
She stayed that way until they were back on the ark angel.

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