As We Were

((Main Bridge, MNS Archangel))

The dying light faded as once more the Mandate warship slipped back into geosynchronous orbit. The captain gazed upon the holo, a map of the current sensor data of the ground situation playing out before him. It was a very quick and precise operation going on down there and once more he did nothing. Except to turn when the door hissed open.

"Captain Lecter," he greeted warmly. "I see you have managed to find excitement onboard the criminal vessel. Can I interest you in some coffee?" he finished, gesturing towards the ready room.

((CO Office, MNS Archangel))

The captain strode to his desk and took his seat in easy motions as the steward arrived at the same time as Hannibal sat down. Wei himself looked to the captain, knowing that the reports now filing in would give him some much needed social standing for fringe citizens.

"Captain, we have much to discuss. First and foremost is your account of what happened," he said after Captain Lecter took his second sip.


((Deck 9, MNS Archangel))

Ugana Nkwomo made his way through the wounded, which was surprising how many were. The maltech creatures that the marines were muttering about seemed to be rather adept at close-range combat to the point of seemingly killing on contact.

"Fuck me," one went. "They got Jenkins."

"Shit. No, really?"

"Yeah, little pansy was hauling this girl with him. Didn't think he was a gorram hero," replied the first with a shake of his head.

The lieutenant knelt beside them, looking to the second marine's armor. It had a clean cut straight through the ballistic nanoweave, almost as fine as a monoblade. Underneath, the suit had done its job of sealing up the breach but had done little else. With a sigh of concentration, he reached out. "Hands please," he requested in a tilting accent.

It was like filling a bottle full of power, metadimensional energy coursing through his hands and into the body of the marine. He sensed the damage and neatly knitted muscle and tissue back together. In the span of no more than six seconds was the marine healed. He continued like this onto the next set of soldiers, tagging with his Link who needed it the most and who needed better than what he brought.

He almost missed her, starting back to the medbay after clearing the last few in the corridor. He was looking at preliminary scans of trauma when he saw her aimlessly moving towards the turbolift. "Excuse me," he said, a bit curious. He couldn't afford too much time, with Mendez off the ship and reports of wounded on the ground meaning he had to double time all of his work. "Do you require..."

He trailed off as she turned, taken slightly back by her appearance. He stepped forward, hands reaching out only to stop when the girl flinched. "Please come with me, I will help you," he said calmly, soothingly. As he did so, he notified security.

This is Lieutenant Nkwomo. We have a possible stow away onboard. Condition: injured in some way, possibly malnourished. I am taking her to medbay.

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