Autumn was just staring out into space, not knowing that she was heading towards a turbolift. She was bumped into a few times by passerbys, and each time she ended up flinching from years of ingrained experiences of hurt at physical and emotional contact. Mostly at male human hands. So when someone spoke to her, she turned around as if she was caught doing something she knew was against the rules.

When the speaker took a step towards her with his hands out, she flinched thinking he was going to hurt her. When he stopped, she looked down at her feet. She hoped that her sign of submission would not cause him to hurt her. He requested that she come with him, and that he would help her. Something in his tone surprised her, as no one had ever spoke that way to her before. Not that she could remember, at least.

Autumn merely nodded her head, and pleaded with her eyes that he not hurt her. She then waited for him to lead the way, before she followed him. She only hoped that he kept his promise of helping her.

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