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A Shared Relaxation

Jul 10, 2019, 5:21am by Thaen93

((Cargo 3, MNS Archangel Mendez nodded. "That is fine, dear. Check in at fourteen-hundred and it will be done and over with." She looked around and spotted one of the comfy chai ...


Jul 8, 2019, 3:10pm by Lily

The medical officer had been greeted with the sight of Lily doing a set of five Fouetté turns. Lily did not even seam to notice Mendez even though she had looked right at her several times. ...

Mira System

Jul 8, 2019, 2:39am by Thaen93

Within the blackness of the void, the stars were the only light that casted its gaze upon the outer reach of the Mira system. From that very void, an almost imperceptible shimmer smudged the ...


Jul 8, 2019, 2:10am by Thaen93

((Medical 1, MNS Archangel)) Mendez sat her in chair, tapping on her desk. Before her, data text scrolled in an overlay of her vision. Thirteen non-coms, all of them trying to squirrel ou ...


Jul 5, 2019, 8:08pm by Lily

Lily was in one of the few areas on the Archangel that the dance troupe was allowed to practice. She was by herself it was in the evening so she had already finished her task for the day and ...

OOC - The Setting

Jul 5, 2019, 3:09am by Thaen93

In this post, we will talk about the setting. The actual Stars Without Number is a sandbox, retro-style RPG set in the year 3200 A.D. The era in which we will play is 2665, the year the S ...

Showing posts 61 - 75 of 66