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Summary: A former circus girl seeking a family.

Isabel Corona

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: Tavern Owner & Staff





Occupation and/or Class

Tavern Wench
Circus Girl

Appearance and Dress

A young woman with short blonde hair and grey eyes with a petite and athletic build typically hidden by typical barmaid garb.

Personality and interests

Isabel is quick in both wits and skill. Traits that usually land her into trouble. She also has quite a temper and isn't the kind to back down from a good fight.

Deep down she yearns for a family like the one she had growing up. Yet fears being abandoned at the same time.

She enjoys playing cards and dancing.

A Brief History

She was born an orphan and taken in by a traveling circus where she became a skilled athlete and contortionist. Skills that served her well when the circus disbanded and she found herself in Port Karr and was forced to resort to climbing into people's windows and robbing them of their goods to get by until she landed a job at the Magic Mirror where the patrons found her flexibility to be quite the novelty.

Merits - Advantages

Isabel is very athletic, usually bounding from the rooftops to get to the Inn even when she isn't late for work. Her athleticism and flexibility make for quite the show for patrons as she dances and climbs and contorts, usually as part of some bet. Not to mention the attention it garners from male patrons, and some female ones.

Her time in the circus has also granted her some various sleight of hand tricks and accuracy with a bow (she'd shoot apples off of people's heads as part of her act in the circus, sometimes not using her hands to work the bow even)

She values loyalty and should someone prove themselves worthy of her loyalty they will find a fierce friend in her willing to defend them at any time.

Flaws - Disadvantages

Her penchant for climbing to places she shouldn't belong tends to get her into trouble.

She has a short temper and has started brawls and had some of her bones broken as a result.

Her fear of abandonment means she comes off as a bit crass and uncaring of others. Sometimes she even works to push people away for fear of them leaving her.


Knows some people in the Thieves Guild who were interested in recruiting her initially, though she declined in favor of working at the Magic Mirror.

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Image of Isabel Corona
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