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Summary: Protective, loud and hedonistic, a voluptuous and vivacious fireball even as middle age looms.


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Gender: Female

Age: 45

Group: Tavern Owner & Staff


Ostensibly human, though many suspect some dwarven blood in her lineage.



Occupation and/or Class

Senior tavern wench

Appearance and Dress

She wears her straw blonde hair in tight buns. Her eyes are light blue, her nose is larger than average and she has thick, full lips. She is short, a bit stocky, but very curvy, and everything about her sways when she moves. Her usual work outfit includes an azure dress with a dark leather corset that pushes up her already sizeable bust.

Personality and interests

Rambunctious and vivacious, with an unparalleled lust for life, booze and the pleasures of the flesh. Her loud demeanour and tendency to act before she thinks can be problematic, but she is popular with the locals for livening up the tavern. She is very protective of the junior staff and will sometimes try to beat up any handsy patrons before the bouncers can get to them.

A Brief History

None of the staff at the Magic Mirror have had the kind of tenure Simi has. Starting at 12 mopping floors and cleaning tables, she was waiting tables at 15 and hasn’t stopped since. She’s been offered positions of a more managerial nature nearly every year since she was 30, but she has too much love for the crowd. She loved to work the floor, make smalltalk, joke around with the regulars, and take the occasional adventurer upstairs for a roll in the hay during her break or after her shifts. So she continues to be the most senior wench, performing a matronly role for the younger staff and making the most of her lot in life.

The rumours about her dwarves blood are true. She never quite figured out whether her mother was half or quarter dwarf, but she takes after her mother either way. Her father, an adventurer at heart, perished in a dungeon crawl when she was 12, which was the trigger for her to apply to the Magic Mirror in the first place to help take care of her mother Bolhia, who was a weaver. Their house was small, but they were happy. Disease took her mother when she was 28, leaving her on her own as an only child, inheriting the small home just a few streets from her lifelong place of employment.

Merits - Advantages

Despite her short stature she has a commanding presence.
Popular with the locals
Very loyal and protective

Flaws - Disadvantages

Too quick to jump to action
Hedonism gets the best of her sometimes


The tavern is pretty much her home and family. She has no remaining relatives and is far too free a spirit to be tied down by an exclusive relationship.

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Image of Simidu
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