Simi makes an entrance

"Oy, give the girl a moment before you lay into her, Bones," a smoky voice said from behind the bartender. Simi appeared from behind the large man, carrying two small kegs of ale. She set them down by the bar and hunkered down to put them on the rack as reserves. She straightened herself and stretched. "Izzi's working as hard as any of us, it's no good depressing her before the first patrons start rolling in."

She huffed and pulled at the bottom of her corset, getting comfortable. Short but round in all the right places, she still could find a willing soul to warm her bed on most nights even as 50 years of age became closer than the 40 in her rear view mirror. Hell, on a good night, she'd still bed more than one. Adventurers love experience.

She winked at Isabel. "Y'alright there, sweetums? Rough morning?"

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