Bad News is still Bad News

Old Bone frowned shaking his head. " It's nothing so bad as what you two might be thinking 'bout but still bad enough where the two of you are concerned."

The Mirror currently only employed 10 regular girls total with 4 working days and 6 working nights. Old Bone having developed a system early on for having the younger girls work the days under and letting the older more experienced girls work the nights where they could pick and choose if they'd entertain a customers or not. Still for an Inn and Tavern the Mirrors size 10 girls was shy what was needed for things to run smoothly one day into the next.

Old Bone's sighed.

" So, I got news from one of our regulars this morning that the new girl Lily had gone out drinking last evening with some friends and somehow got herself signed on with the Courtesans Guild. Word is that she is still at the Guild house this morning high on lotus root and still servicing customers and clearly clueless that shes signed her life away." He offered plainly letting the news sink in. " So its unlikely we'll be seeing her here again anytime soon unless she's here as Guild bait trying to hook other girls so I shouldn't need to tell you to be careful."

He finished wiping the mug he held setting in line with the others.

" Thats the Bad News… The other not as bad but still Bad News is that I got word that Molly Reeves wont be coming in seeing as she is getting married this morning to that young City Guardsmen she's been sweet on so … " He shrugged. " Not the worst news but with our other girl Rozewyn still unaccounted for going on two weeks time now that means daylight shift is down to just two girls."

You didn't have to be good at math to know that by two girls he meant Isabel and Simi.

" Sorry to dump this on you two like this. " Old Bone offered. " I'll talk with the nightshift girls and see if any can fill in for days but they're either in one of the rooms upstairs entertaining or wont be in until this later this evening. I'd ask A'jaa of course but she's in charge of the Nightshift when Simi here isn't so ..."


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