Simi doesn't like the rumors

Simi stopped mid-bite. "Whef df..." she started. She made a face, finished her bite and tried again. "What's this about anyone kidnapping A'jaa's little girl? Don't mess with me here, Silk. If anyone intends to do that kid harm I'm gonna make mince of 'em and serve 'em up in pies."

Bjartom hadn't touched any of the food yet. Simi nudged him with her elbow and nodded towards the table. He reluctantly picked up a bread, inspected it and tore off a bite. It was clear he did not trust the situation much.

"And Lily, come sit over here will you? Let me take a look at you," Simi added. The way they were seated right now made her feel like the Lady was keeping Lily hostage, and the sooner that could be remedied the better.

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