Typical Morning

Isabel awoke on her cot in the attic of Old Lady Grimsevr's house. The kindly old lady had rented out the attic to the young circus girl some time after finding the girl asleep up there. Isabel had broken in the night before and had intended to wake up earlier and slip out so no one noticed, but had managed to sleep in and was found when Old Lady Grimsevr went up to get some old dresses out of storage. Instead of calling the guards and having her hauled away, Old Lady Grimsevr simply smiled and said:

"If you're gonna be sleeping in my attic the least you can do is pay rent for it."

Luckily, Isabel had already landed her job at the inn by then so it was of no trouble. And in fact she found Old Lady Grimsevr enjoyed her company. It gave her a reason to bake bread after her sons took off on an adventure and never returned. And there was no Old Man Grimsevr anymore either. After getting dressed and heading downstairs Isabel found Old Lady Grimsevr already preparing a small breakfast for her unlikely tenant.

"You're gonna be late again if you don't hurry up and eat this." OLG told her with a sigh and a shake of her head.

"I'll just eat and run, like I always do." Isabel said as she collected a few vittles as OLG set them on a couple of platters on the table in the kitchen.

"One of these days you're gonna be swinging from a rooftop and end up choking on a bit of bacon, mark my words girl!"

"On that day, I will let you say 'I told you so' as they lower me into the ground." Isabel said with a smirk as she sandwiched some eggs, bacon and cheese between some bread and dashed out the door.

"And then who will keep me up at night with all your crazy antics? Dancin' about and hanging from the rafters like some cat with its tail set ablaze?" OLG said with a chuckle. "You take care young lady! Don't go gettin' into too much trouble!"

Isabel leaped down the small flight of stone stairs that led from the porch of the Grimsevr residence to the street and took off like a bat out of hell. She raced to one of the taller buildings and, placing her breakfast sandwich between her teeth, began to scale the wall towards the roof. She could hear people murmur from the street as they looked at the crazy circus girl scale the side of the building effortlessly.

An older man with missing teeth was sitting at a chair near an open window and let out a chuckle as Isabel passed by. "Mornin' Izzi!"

"Morning Leo!" Isabel said through her breakfast.

Once she reached the roof she proceeded towards the direction of the Magic Mirror, hopping across gaps and vaulting over ledges all the way there. The jump across the street to the inn was the largest and always Isabel had to catch herself on the third floor windowsill and climb inside. She had finished her breakfast along the way, almost choking when she jumped over the main street in mid swallow, and was now full and ready to face the day.

When she clambered into the suite she was somewhat surprised to see a sleeping man in the bed who awoke at the sound of her tumbling inside.

"Who are you?" The man asked groggily, still half-asleep.

"Sorry to wake you, ser." Isabel said as she gathered herself and straightened her dress. "I'm one of the staff, come to ask what you'd like for breakfast?"

"Anything, so long as it has meat in it." The man said as he buried his face into his pillow. "Now get out!"

"Very good ser," Isabel nodded and slipped out into the hall and made her way downstairs where she soon saw Old Bones at the bar. "Morning!" She said to the bartender while trying to hide the fact she was out of breath.

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