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Summary: The King of the Ocean

King Midas

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Gender: Male

Age: 47

Group: People of Alantis


Merman: Blue Royal fish variant


Ruler and protector of the ocean and it's people/ skilled in Trident warfare, has the power of the ocean


King of Atlantis and the ocean

Physical Appearance

The pic
about 7 ft long

Personality and interests

Loyal, puts others before himself, strong willed, kind hearted, brave and heroic
Wants all the people of the ocean to live in harmony


Midas was a normal king, he was raised by his mother and taught stories of his father who was the warrior king, wanting to be like his dad, when Midas became King he always put his people before himself. His best friend Geran was always there for his friend even after Midas lost his wife. He raised his children in the ocean and told them stories of his dad and his friend Geran. Now he rules the ocean the same way he did before the Sinking.

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Image of King Midas
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