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Summary: The Sea Monster King

The Sea King

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Gender: Male

Age: ???

Group: Sea monsters


A merman like sea monster


King of Sea monsters
Super fast and strong, can control sea monsters, talk to fish, summon storms and currents. Sharp claws and teeth that can cut through steel, super tough skin that can only be pierce by the trident.
Lighting power, sonic screech, and can control a black poisonous liquid called Black water, which a small trail of it follows him where ever he goes, only sea monsters, people of the deep and Dremia mines are immune to it.


The Sea Monster King

Physical Appearance

The pic, 14 feet long

Personality and interests

Cruel, evil, power hungry, wants to rule the ocean, thinks himself as the true king of the sea, wants his people to thrive in the ocean like they once did.


The Sea King or the Sea Monster King once ruled the whole ocean over all the sea monster and sea life, than when the kingdom of Atlantis came into the ocean and the people began to move into the ocean, they forced his people onto the deep, enraged by this, the Sea king lead a attack on the kingdom, only to fail, his people were pushed back to the deep. The sea king realizing that the only way to take back the ocean was by taking the trident and using it to take the ocean back, due to being in the deep his people came in contact with black water, like him, some adapted to it and became immune, but unlike his daughter and wife, some didn't adapt and died. Now, he will do whatever he can to take the ocean back, and to make the people of Atlantis to suffer as his people has suffer.

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Image of The Sea King
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