Lullabies and formulas

Saying her final farewell, Charis watched the prince fade into the dark amber waves before taking off as well. She still had an arrangement to attend. Hopefully, his majesty would show up before it was time for bed. She continued on to the study for either her meeting with Midas or an official arrangement for another time. Humming under her breath, she began calculating the ratios for her new tonic. Too much resin would be lethal, and she couldn’t have that. No, just enough to knock one of those beasts out for a few hours would be plenty.

“ –‘round blue corals, silver fingerling dance~”

A third of a quart per stabilizer? Maybe just a little less. Would it react badly with moray fats? She hoped not. Up and up the basalt ramps she went Charis made her way into the castle’s most unused research wing, the ‘Dolphin’s Sanctuary”. As she passed the main library, she grazed some of the old tomes with the tips of her fingers feeling the etchings on their stone surfaces.

“Under blue waves, dark eyes glitter with glee~”

What did Madame Euphemia always say about researching new drugs? ‘Always know the worst outcomes before you even set your pot above the kolv’ was it? The sea jelly luciferin was slightly corrosive to flesh. How to make sure she could get her hands on a pair of double kelp gloves outside of work without appearing dubious? There were a few problems to work around before the festival arrived it seemed.

“Careful of those shadows dear nestling, don’t let them catch on your soft fins~”

Three left turns and a right, left her right before the doors of the “Three dolphins’ study” Gingerly, she pushed open the heavy curtains in the doorway and made her way inside. A warm musty smell filled the room, a few older water logged papyrus books sat, half damaged on a bookshelf, the light-stone was relatively dim from lack of maintenance, and the dial on the wall was off by a fortnight. Most people tended to avoid this room after the Eagen-Nes incident, which suited her current needs just fine.

“The courtyard is filled with market scents and merry tunes~”

Picking up a stone tome, Charis wiped away a bit of algae sludge from the cover. ‘Ignis au mer: 67 formulas to soothe irritated scales. – Helen of Nikkos’

“hush my child~’

Curling her tail in a semi-circle, she took a seat on a work desk and began to read while she waited for the king to arrive.

“hush my child, for the waters do speak~”

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