The moon above the waves and the prince below them

Charis was lost in her own thoughts as she languidly made her way to the third floor's infamous workroom. She hoped His majesty would heed her request. Taking a turn down a narrow hall, another mer collided with her as they rushed in the direction from which she came*. With a Shake of her head, her sight came back into focus. First, a flash of resplendent gold caught her eye, then the shape. It curved around shoulders and a torso; Armour. Finally, her vision settled on the mer wearing the armour. Floating In front of her was Atlantis' own prince, Allan.

"Ah! Apologies, my lord," she lowered her eyes in respect and saluted. One arm came across her torso just below her bust palm up, with the hand lightly cupped.

"Oh Charis, what happened? Why is everyone freaking out?" The colour of his armour blended in a bit with the dark orange water as it reflected back the last of the sun’s light. Seeing the prince still in battle-ware, he must have come straight from the frontlines.

Charis sighed internally as she thought about the never-ending war with the creatures of the deep. Many came back injured- or worse infected by Black Water. She remembered when her second brother had to suffer in isolation for a fortnight after his lungs had suffered too much of its pollution.

With her father not set to return from the court for another month, and her eldest brother still out on the campaign, it was left to her to console her distraught mother and younger siblings. She came back to reality as the prince queried about her condition.

After making sure she wasn't injured, Prince Allan inquired about the state of his family, worry etched into the curve of his brow. Through the exhaustion of battle, it became obvious how much the merman valued his blood. His usual cheerful countenance* overshadowed by a firm set to his jaw.

“There was an attack this morning...” Her hands clasped in front of her waist and she fiddled her fingers around. “It seems the king of the deep had charged into the palace with a threat on his lips and an attempt for the king's throat.” She continued to explain the hectic day's events in as much detail as she could remember and assured him that both the king and princess were uninjured.

“As much as I would love to stay and chat, it’s getting quite late, my lord. I best be off now. Pleasant dreams young prince.” Charis began to take her leave when a thought crossed her mind and the cogs in her brain began to turn, quick to pick up speed. Analytics of the Deep’s position in accordance to Atlantis and of the Sea king’s usual movements pieced itself together within her head.

A week’s travel to
A week’s travel fro

Although it only took half that time for the Sea King, it was not so for the others. Most importantly, it always waited at least five sun rotations before setting to a campaign.

A plan was solidifying in her mind and she knew she had to act quickly before the prince left. With a little haste, Charis turned around and called out to him.

“Please wait!” Catching up to him she gave a quick salute and asked him a question.

“My lord," she began. Tossing a pale lock behind her ear, she gave herself a moment to structure her words properly. “Three nights from now is the lunar eclipse and with it, the Asélinos Nýchta* celebration. During that time, after your commitments are over, I was wondering if you could do me a favour?”

Two-weeks should be plenty of time.

((OOC time: Whoo! it seems I [and Charis] have some stuff to plan *cackles maniacally* now onto clarifications~

-[the prince] collided with her as [he] rushed [towards the King's personal area]: Based on the fact that he came fresh off the battlefield, still in full armour very concerned about the hubbub and the state of his family I assumed both, that that was where he was headed and that he was rushing.

-Cheerful countenance: sorry I don't mean to try and characterize your character and if you want me to edit that bit out, I will immediately. I extrapolated this from his bio from where he's a ladies man and well-loved by the people (assuming someone they call the "hero prince" is beloved)

-Asélinos Nýchta: sort of translates to "moonless night" in Greek though if you put it in GT it's come out to "nightless night". I just liked the sound of "Selíni"[moon] over "Fengári"[moon] plus “Asélinos Nýchta” is shorter than “Chorís fengári Nýchta” aha~))

Anyways, *Tag*

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