(Okay, thanks for let me know what the moon thing meant, now to answer your first question, yes The Prince is loved by his people, and him running in was for his family, so ummm yay? Anyways, now for the sea monsters, sea monsters come in different shapes, sizes, and power. Some sea monsters are faster than the sea king, some are gigantic, other are the size of shrimp. The difference between them and merfolk is that they were always in the ocean, while the merfolk originally were humans before the sinking, and sea monsters also leave a trail of black water like the king and breath it out. Anyways, hopes this answers any other questions.)
Prince Allan looked at Charis, " The Sea King, Damon sea monsters should know their place. So what is the is favor? Actually, please tell me, I should change, if it's important, than I should clean up." Allan gave Charis a reassuring smile.

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