Plots, plans and the opening of an impossible opportunity

Delight bubbled up from her stomach, upon receiving confirmation of the prince’s willingness to hear her out. Lifting her chin, Charis gave the prince a resplendent smile, “you see my lord, there is something I can only trust you to acquire for me...”

It was a unique substance that had limited availability, only the priests and the immediate royalty would be able to get a hold of it. The only problem was that no one, not even the king of Atlantis himself, would be allowed to procure it outside of a night where Artemis hid Selene from the gaze of mortals and hoarded her away to the ocean depths*. Such was one of Atlantis’ most sacred treasures. But luckily for the Sorian princess, the Asélinos Nýchta was approaching rapidly.

During Asélinos Nýchta it would be used in the various rituals happening throughout the night. It was a crucial component in the most important ceremony of the night, the 'Bearing of Light'. Although, she usually looked forward to the festivities, this time Charis would have no time to partake in them.

“Selene’s encapsulated tears. From her sorrow, we must take these radiant gifts and return her soft light, out from under the waves and back into the æther.” With a clear voice, she recited the opening lines in the first prayer of the Bearing of Light ritual.

Special light, caught in the bellies of sea creatures, was said to be a gift from Selene to Poseidon. Most radiant was the Aequorea* who danced beautifully amoungst the currents. Its luciferin* was gently extracted with a silicon compound. Given a few hours, the two would solidify into a semi-rigid gel. This was the beloved ‘Moon Resin’.

“Prince of Atlantis! A cure for black water may just sit upon the horizon,” Charis’ voice swelled with conviction as she gently curled her tail.

“As you might have heard, despite my few years in the practice of concocting medicines*, I’ve excelled through the novitiate, and have begun a mentorship with senior physician Euphemia.”

For the Merfolk, it was a case of cherishing and revering, but for most creatures, luciferin acted either as a lure for unsuspecting prey or as a defence mechanism; a poison.

“You see, I have an idea,” Using the excuse of fixing the shells in her hair, Charis took an obscured glance around to make sure the halls were devoid of eyes. “But first… perhaps you should get out of that incredibly Eye-catching battle-ware, and freshen up a bit before we continue this discussion?” Charis accentuated her point by patting glinting pauldron

((OOC time: Yay! Finally got this done ~(+-+ )~. Anyways, sorry this took me so long to get out, It took me a bit of researching and planning (no pun intended, lol). But she done and here she be! Now, as always; onto explanations:

-Artemis/Selene myth: First of all, Selene, unlike Artemis is not so much associated with the moon as being both a goddess and the moon itself. Secondly, yeah that myth is completely made up by yours truly (haha).

-Aequorea Victoria: is a type a jellyfish found around the coastlines of the North American continent. Yeeeah, uhh… nowhere near Greece or Europe, in general, lol, once again just me taking some liberties.

-Luciferin: is not the devil. (sorry bad joke) It’s actually the chemical that makes living things (plants/animals) like fireflies, jellyfish, and algae glow.

-Medicines: Although that’s what she say’s, she’s referring to potions/drugs in general.

P.S: thx for answering some of my questions! Mostly just wanted to make sure I wasn’t mischaracterizing or misinterpreting anything of yours. Also, yeah I knew the Sea monsters were the OG sea peoples and are different from the mers, once again just checking that I hadn’t crossed any lines as stated above.))

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