Concerned Friend (cont)

"You're welcome love." January wrapped her arm in Samara's as they walked towards the already open door.

Samara looked at January with that "Really?" expression. "Sorry bout that. You didn't answer." January explained with a smirk, as if she was proud of the damage.

January rushed Samara to her car, hoping to avoid the scene outside. The yard was littered with the contents of the house, broken and battered. The side yard was still scorched from the ritual she performed that night.

Samara went to the passenger side door and got in. "Ummmmmm, sweetheart, I don't drive," January confessed.

January swore she saw a spark light in Samara's eyes. "Well, you're gonna learn today," she teased, tossing the car keys.

January snatched them out of the air with one hand. With a mischevious grin she walked around the car and sat in the driver's seat.

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