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Summary: I will find my place eventually


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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Dragoon

Planet of Origin



She is a talented pilot however she also enjoys science.


Non as of yet

Physical Appearance

Crystal has long bright red hair that she topical where’s up with a blue butterfly hair come. Her eyes are bright green and she has pail skin. She stands about 5 feet six inches tall and weighs about 115 pounds. As for her clothing it’s most likely some kind of flight suit.

Personality and interests

Crystal is young excitable and very smart she like science in particular anything to do with biology catches her attention. Her favorite thing in to do however is fly small craft around the colony. She had not yet found where she fits in to life on this strange new world but she is eager to learn.


Crystal’s parents were both plots and well they were not a particularly well off family they did everything they could to get crystal into a flight school. She graduated early and at the top of her class. When the Jericho mission came up she quickly signed up to be a civilian pilot. She was not very interested in the military side of things. Her parents claimed to sine up as well.

Crystals Parents should have come with the other colonist however when she woke from stasis she found that they were not there or they were and she simply did not remember them. Something had gone wrong when she was woken from stasis and she lost some of her memories however she retained her pilot training and quickly found work as a polit she was a natural at flying. She also helped the scientists out from time to time.

Favourite Sayings

So what’s next.

Player Notes

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Image of Crystal
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