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Summary: I was after adventure, much like the next person. I am not proud of a lot, but I am here now!

Emerson Holiday

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Gender: Male

Age: 36 (62)

Group: Colonial Military

Planet of Origin

Typhon V, Beeter's Cradle


Primary pilot of transport and snubfighter craft.

Rated for piloting of 100 ton spacecraft

Possesses some firearms training and emergency survival training

Rated as a field and port mechanic


E-3 Spacer

Callsign: Zeke

Physical Appearance

Is of average height
Wiry slim build

Has two "dots" on his left forehead, marking his cybernetic augmentation, an awareness and system-link mod he received from his service days.

Has a scarred left hand from a malfunction

Personality and interests

One thing that Emerson enjoys, besides flying, is his love for all aircraft. He is always quick to get down to the nitty gritty of a ship, especially her engines.

What he won't admit is that he also enjoys being amongst good-natured people and can often be found at the local bar.

When intoxicated, he grows most fond of his former home, regretting leaving in favor of a new life. But he accepts his new duties readily.


Born to a belter and a Core veteran, Emerson grew up on Beeter's Cradle like most other families that ended up working with the Orson Conglomerate to pay off debts. The moon, simply designated as 0-1197, was rich in heavy metals needed for starship hulls and it was no surprise that he was eventually looped into one of the many chain gangs that ran the mines and towns security. Though he was young, he quite enjoyed the attention a bit of muscles and street credit was worth. He would never say he was proud, but in those days were his harding for what conflict would arise as tensions mounted for war.

In less than 9 years of his life, he had little to no charges against him in the Central databanks, a fact discovered by a hacker who proceeded to blackmail him into his service. Fearing loss of family debt being ruined by his stupid ego of the street, Emerson gradually fell into driving jobs to deliver mysterious packages to rather odd fellows. He learned how to pilot cargolighters rather well, enjoying the bit of freedom he had when not under a microscope. This took to him, another fact the hacker exploited for his next job.

Instead, to at least by some time in his eyes, Emerson joined a crew of raiders. These were the true scourge of Beeter's Cradle, pillaging and boarding miners who came to the Belt to extract the heavy metals needed for starship hulls. At 18, he had truly learned how to be a pilot. Hard and with stamina, he learned not only tolerance and patience with his crew mates but how a ship truly worked. It was a living thing, the ship's engineer had said. It had a heart, it had a spine; if something was wrong, you would know.

More importantly, it flexed his skills to the test on more than one escape attempt when system boats often tried to interdict them.

The hacker was not pleased he had lost a useful asset. A strike team of gunmen destroyed his home in an apparent decompression, something he knew was impossible from the outside. He asked his captain for help that night, as he sat in the cockpit. The captain readily agreed.

Fourteen days later, war erupted in the belt. The Titan War had begun unknowingly to the mining station, which suited the local space just fine. Emerson and his new family were now on the hunt for his murderer, their small Morrigan corvette waiting like a bat in the shadows of celestial bodies.

The attack went smoothly, and it was the greatest satisfaction to press the firing studs that let loose those salvos. The hacker had no time to escape! It was of great surprise that suddenly the local space was alive with stray mass driver rounds as the nearby battle spread to the belt.

Both ships were heavily damaged with Emerson wounded in a hull breach. Still, with surprise to himself, he flew to safety and left his parent's killer for dead. On the return however, the ship was forced to broadcast a distress as the life support failed. Emerson, 18, entered cryostasis.

He awoke 3 years later, picked up by a Central Systems destroyer. His credentials were ran clean even as he learned the true cost of the damage the ship had taken. Many of the crew did not make it, either by failed stasis pod or by wounds too great to resuscitate. Those that did were arrested in the sickbay.

Despite the major setback, Emerson wanted to fly. He signed up for Flight School 2 months later on Mars. Emerson knew how to fight and wanted to serve with the rest of those combat pilots, resenting command for never deploying him in a combat role. He would finally get his wish when he was 28; a surprise attack lit up the orbital station Ares, disabling many of the defense and stalling the moored ships there. It fell to two corps of snubfighters to hold the line long enough for the stellar navy to break its ships free.

Emerson finally got what he wanted, damaging enemy ships and managing to destroy at least 5 fighters alone. Even when he was forced to crash land onto the station, he simply took another craft. He fought and flew with a nearly wreckless abandon, slogging through the heaviest of fighting.

It would be the only fight of the war he would be in, as it wound to a close. He himself was awarded medals and awards for his valor and answering the call of duty. Emerson took to flying privately with his own ship despite the navy's wish to promote him to a desk job with more pay than one would make in a year in the belt. Here, he applied himself in privateering and cargo escort.

By the time he was thirty, Emerson had acquired enough space time that he grew tired of the same sights. He heard of the Jericho project, still in preparation phase and nearing launch. He decided a new life was needed for him after a night of drinking and offered his services to the Jericho project.

It was slow getting the to launch as he ferried supplies and people to the ship. But at last, it was ready and the time had come. And with many others, he launched across the sea of black to a small, miniscule jewel amongst the stars.

Favourite Sayings

A ship is like a living person. It has a heart, it has a spine; if something goes wrong, you'd know.

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