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Summary: I am on it watch out.

Glenn Davenport

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Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: Colonists

Planet of Origin

New Colony, Titan


Special Forces Engineer Sergeant is a construction and demolitions specialist. As a builder, the engineer sergeant can create bridges, buildings, and field fortifications. As a demolition’s specialist, the engineer sergeant can carry out demolition raids against enemy targets, such as bridges, railroads, fuel depots, and critical components of infrastructure.
Job Duties
Perform and teach tasks in demolitions, explosives, field fortification, bridging, rigging, reconnaissance and civil action projects Interpret maps, overlays, photos and charts. Carry out demolition raids against enemy military targets, such as bridges, railroads and fuel depots Employ warfare tactics and techniques in infantry operations Using land warfare weapons and communications devices Handling and using explosives
Supervises, instructs and serves as the senior enlisted member for SF activities. Trains and maintains proficiency in all major duties associated with Special Forces. Perform administrative, operational and training duties during tasks organization of the Operational Detachment Alfa or Bravo during mission preparation isolation and operations. Performs joint, combined and coalition planning and supervises operations for higher headquarters, major commands and joint commands. Performs the duties of senior leadership, staff, and training functions within Special Forces.
Drone operator
Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operators are remote pilots of unmanned observation aircrafts, aka military drones, or UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) that gather intelligence used in operational tactics. Our drone operators are intelligence specialists; they are integral to providing personnel with information about enemy forces and battle areas.

Job Duties
Conduct air reconnaissance, surveillance, targeting and acquisition missions. Plan and analyze flight missions. Perform preflight, in flight and postflight checks and procedures. Launch and recover air frame from runway. Perform maintenance on communications equipment, power sources, light/heavy vehicles and crane operations


Master Sargent Special Forces Engineer Retired
Chief Drone operations specialist.

Physical Appearance

Physical description: He looks like a body builder and appears 30. brown hair, blue eyes. He is of large stature and muscular. His is 6', weight 250 lb, and tan skin. he likes to ware cargo pants and matching shirt with a color that will best match his surroundings,
Distinguishing mark(s): He has multiple scars. One on his left arm 2 inches long, right upper leg 2 inches, and left side of his head 1 inches long.

Personality and interests

Davenport lives and loves to outwit opponents in combat, persuading people to help him against their better sensibilities and so forth. He is best for the Stealth and Thinker and a loyal friend and so mostly turns his talents on the enemy. He often has more respect for the rights of others; but, again, with a good enough justification provided, he may allow himself to be convinced that a Lawful action can be a bent. He doesn’t mind being in ranged combat but up and personal is his favorite. In combat he likes to be doing something clever or spectacular Using stealth and tactics to get around. The loosening rocks on the hillside above to drop down on the enemy, persuading one of the enemy’s allies to turn on the enemy, anything that will demonstrate his mental superiority over the enemy. He is often the party’s negotiator, as he loves talking with other characters and getting the best possible deal for himself and his friends. He will adapt himself to the personality of the person he’s talking to concealing his true thoughts and emotions behind the mask he thinks is most appealing to the other opponent. It’s very hard to find out what the he is actually thinking or feeling.

Intuitive Combat Engineer he knows functions and operations of most machine or technological device. A skill and his natural intelligence is combined allows him to conceive, design and build, operate, modify and disassemble any technology or create countermeasures for it, An can tinker with just about anything – electrical, Mechanical, weapons devices he can maintain, reaper, and modify them. He studies cutting edge science that includes, and weapons. He has had all sort of weapons training.


Born and raised in New Titan, Davenport grew up in the constant shadow of the Free Titan Separatist Movement. He had been part of one military or another until the official start of the War He joined the Central Systems Military profiled as a candidate for combat Engineer.

His time in service has earned him a number of awards and citations after he left the military be signed up to become a drone operator after graduation he was approached for a position on the Jericho Mission davenport thinks there was stuff happening in the back ground he could not see. He took the assignment after his old commander told him to take it.

Favourite Sayings

"Yes that will blow up!"

"Ya I can fly that there."

"Build that well then why not"

Player Notes

he dose do the best work he can is a team player dose have some problems with disrespect.

Call Sign : wrecker 7

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Image of Glenn Davenport
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