Academic Conflict

Sigmund stood up after a while and kept moving around the fallen beast.
It was getting dark and colder. He had planned to be back in Jericho's Landing by now.
He paced around more to keep warm but was also a bit impatient. He was used to the cold. One did not grew on Triton without getting used to the cold. But they were to exposed and he did not like that.
Sooner rather than later the death stench of the carcass would start to attract scavengers.

And if the initial surveys of the planet had miss those huge flying lizards he dreaded to think what else they could have missed. The Central System's Colonial Administration was not beyond censoring details from colonists if they thought the gains outweighed the losses. It was all about revenue in the end of the day and how much new colonies contributed to the overall bottom line in the end of the day that mattered.
He only hoped that the beast was not some advanced life form.

Preliminary hypothesis formed in his mind.
- Apex Predator
- Carnivore
- Extremely Territorial
- Highly Aggressive
- Likely to hunt in pairs and only while raising younglings

He looked back at the blond colonist. She was fidgeting. Holding her rifle close. Out here one did not feel familiar with the sounds of nature yet. Everything could be a threat.
Sigmund walked over to her. Maybe it was time they talked a bit. Keep their minds out of their predicament.

Just then the roar of engines reached them. Soon a transport ship was landing close to the dead animal. Sigmund joined the woman and waited.
Not long after he saw the familiar face of Malcolm Lovell. He frowned. He knew he was going to have to work under the man but he hoped they could set aside their academical differences.
Or at least not have to work closely together very often. He was already dreading presenting his proposal for his first project to the man.

He rolled his shoulder shaking the tension from his muscular frame. He caught her looking from the corner of his eye and grinned.
Maybe this day had not been a complete waste of time after all.

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