Home Sweet Home - Part 02

Clarke Island Settlement

A small group had gathered near the settlements makeshift pads when the Samson came in for final approach.

Shin offering a quick greeting to all as she climbed off the light transport making her way to Tommy "The Tank" Tanaka already dressed in a clean set of BDU's with a pair of duffle's at his feet.

"You gotta be shitting me?" Shin sounded off her objection offering Tank a pouting frown. "I mean I even got early release from my rotation to get some face time."

Tank gave an understanding nod. " That is some bad luck right there. What is this the 3rd or 4th time."

" It's the 3rd time." Shin shook her head in disbelief dumping her own duffle's on the ground beside his pushing her fingers through her hair in frustration.
" Well Fuck …" Was all she could think to say before he collected her in his arms kissing her like someone who meant it."

Tank had a way about him that Shin couldn't help but melt in his embrace. Enjoying the sensation of his arms around her. His lips soft and warm against her own. Then of course there was his mother standing not 10 meters away giving her yet another of her disapproving glares.

"Your mother is giving me the evil eye again." Shin noted trying to put Tanks bulky frame between her and his mother. " Is she's mad at me about something again? "

" You know my mom, she's old school." Tank offered his mother a quick look over his shoulder smiling sheepishly in the older woman's direction.

" How old school are we talking here, because I have to draw the line at the bombing of Pearl Harbor." Shin sounded off in a low murmur.

" She just hasn't wrapped her head around the idea of you and me. She's still trying to grasp how we went from you knocking my drunk ass out and dragging me home to the whole engaged to be married, thing. "

Shin had to agree with Mrs Tanaka on that one. Six months ago Tank was just another drunk marine in just another fistfight she had to break up after hours. Tank was too big and too stubborn to know when to back down so she had to put him down. A month later they were kind of a thing and than about 2 months ago he had popped the question.

In the end they had both agreed to keep things just between them hush-hush but Tank being Tank had told his mother in confidence and she in turn had spent the better part of the last 2 months bitching to anyone and everyone in the settlement who would listen. So pretty much everyone knew by this point.

"What…?" Shin suddenly found herself in the moment again having only caught the tail end of what he had said.

Tank sighed shaking his head. " I said she still had her heart set on me hooking up with Yuki but when she and Foster hooked up right off the ship …" Tank stopped seeing the look on Shin's face. " What? What happened? "

" Yuki, Oh fuck... " Shin spoke aloud to herself.

Yuki had not even been dead 48 hours yet so no one at the settlement knew. Not even her family and friends had been informed. Her husband had been informed at once of course but public notifications took 72 hours. So the news hadn't reach the Island."

" She's dead … " Was all Shin could think to say. " Yuki was riding 2nd seat on the Taxi that got brought down in the mountains. "

She could see the color drain from his face as he absorbed the news. " What… what about Foster, I mean … Oh fuck."

It was her turn to hold him as he suddenly seemed unable to stand dropping down to his knees resting his head against her breast wrapping his arms around her middle as the tears came.

Unlike Shin, Tank and Yuki had grown up together. Yuki having been like a little sister to the Marine since their childhood together in New London. The pair had gone to the same schools and ran with the same crowds for most of their lives. It had only been after they had joined the military that their lives had taken very different paths.

" Fosters was put under observation after he was informed." Shin assure him. "

"Good … good." Tank nodded unwilling to release his hold on her it seemed." Someone has to tell her parent's, they deserve better than a letter from some stiff in a suit."

" I can do it… " Shin said secretly dreading the very idea of facing the dead girls parents with the news.


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