Home Sweet Home - Part 03

Clarke Island Settlement

Tank was on good terms with aircrew and was able to talk them into a 24 hour layover while he went with Shin to give the bad news to the Mori family.

As expected there were tears shed and other expressions of loss and grief by both family and friends.

The problem, or benefit if your so inclined, with a settlement like Clarke Island was that everyone pretty much knew or was related to everyone else. Thus news of the death spread quickly and the whole settlement turned out in short order to comfort the grieving family.

Truthfully, it wouldn't have been so bad if not for the nasty looks and off hand comments Tank's mother kept sending her way.

To hear Tank's mothers version of events if Shin and the rescue team had gotten there a little faster or done more on site to help. Poor Yuki would somehow be miraculously alive today.

It was after overhearing the woman's third attempt at a retelling of her unofficial version of events that Shin called it a night and excused herself before she said something unfortunate to the woman.

Shin's prefab module was at the far end of the settlement located in the shadow of a large rocky outcropping that did a nice job of shielding it from the wind and rain as well as provide a long shadow in the afternoon on those sunny days when the temperature climbed well into the triple digits.

Compared to the other prefab modules the only remarkable thing about hers was how unremarkable it was. Though Tank had been nice enough to build her a covered deck with screens to keep this world's equivalent to mosquitoes at bay during his off duty time.

As prefab modules went however hers really wasn't all that bad for your typical 10' x 25' unit. The durable exterior shell with an open interior divided between the private living and sleeping area separated by a sliding soundproof barrier wall.

Back in the day she would have had to share a living space smaller than this with 6 to 8 other grunts. Thankfully there was no need for that now this module being hers alone until either her daughter came out of cold sleep or she and Tank finally made things official.

Clearing the security locks on the door Shin found her duffle bags just inside the entrance on the floor where she had left them earlier. Taking note that Tank had obviously been crashing there rather than at his mother's module on the far side of the settlement. Not that it was messy but rather that Tank tended to leave things in a particular order and there was of course that not altogether unpleasant smell of the man that tended to fill a room.

Collecting the #2 duffle bag from the floor she pulled it open and started pulling out the load of supplies she'd hauled home from Jericho's Landing. A few requested items like tools and toys. Some printed materials like magazines and books. Mostly though it was packaged foodstuffs and medical kits not that they were needed given that the settlements stores were fully stocked with enough supplies to address the needs of everyone on the island for the next 5 to 6 months if something happened, but Shin had lived in New London during the worst of it when a ration pack was as good as gold and a girl would sell herself for the drugs that came in a standard issue medical kit.

Not that anything like New London could or would ever happen here but Shin wasn't the type to wait for shit to hit the fan she prepared for it in advance knowing full well it always did.


She'd just finished stocking the shelves and closing the cabinets when she heard that all to familiar knock at the door.

Sighing she opened the door a crack to take a quick look outside seeing Tank waiting for her to answer.

" Tank, you had better have come like a Greek bearing gifts after the shit your Mother was talking." Shin sounded sharply.

Tank nodded. " You heard that huh?"

Shin gave a nod. " Heard, fuck that, the whole settlement heard her talking shit about me and my boys all evening. I can suck up her shit like a good little daughter-to-be but when she starts bad mouthing my boys. That's crossing the line of civility."

" I know and I called her out on it in front of the whole settlement and eveything. You would have been proud." Tank sighed showing her the food and alcohol he had carried with him. " I brought tribute."

" Fuck me, She kicked you out again didn't she ? " Shin shook her head in disbelief at the man.

Tank shrugged making a face.

" It was more in line with her disowning me and I believe her words included the phrase 'No son of mine' about three or four times coupled with 'my father turning over in his grave' a time or two as well."

Shin frowned." Tank honey, I'm starting to think your mother really really really doesn't like me."

Tank frowned nodding his agreement. " I'm starting to think you might be right about that."

" So now your thinking that you can just buy your way back into my good graces with just food and liquor ? "

Tank shrugged. " I also brought those little chocolates you like so much."

Shin shook her head in disbelief pushing open the door for him. " God I'm too easy, You had me at the liquor but the chocolates will at least keep you from sleeping on the floor tonight."


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