The First Funerals

Clarke Island Settlement

Joseph Aldrin arrived at the settlement dressed in his blue dress uniform. The funeral for Yuki was today, and Joseph could feel the sadness in the air. The ceremony would be taking place pretty soon and Joseph decided to make his rounds expressing is condolences to Yuki's family.

Once it was under way Joseph decided to find a seat and quietly attend the service. Except it was far from quiet.

As an older woman was being very vocal about her feelings on Yuki's death. Saying that whoever Shin was could have made it there faster, and that she was responsible for the death of poor little Yuki. Emerson came to a stop and just stared across the street.

"And my own son!" She went on. "My own son would sooner get with a drunkard witch of a soldier who doesn't even keep her duties! My own son! He would side with a whore who couldn't get there in time to save her, defend her when she knows what she did!"

"Excuse me," Holiday finally spoke, crossing the street. It finally crossed his mind as to what she was going on about.

"The nerve, to speak against his own mother! I remember when-" she continued, well into her rant.

"Excuse me, miss?" He spoke a bit louder, finally catching her interest. "Are you going on about the crash?"

Joseph had been listening, and already his blood was boiling. The sheer arrogance this woman was displaying, the disrespect, it was grating on Joseph's already raw nerve on the subject. He saw Holiday, recognized the man as the one who had saved him and the others from the dragon, and started towards him as he spoke to the woman.

"Miss..." He said, feeling a mixture of anger and cautious, "I don't know about much, and I am sorry for your losses, ma'am, but I flew that pick-up. And I say experience alone says you are wrong."

"Dead wrong." Joseph added his voice was ice cold and it cut through the air like a blade. "You think it was Sgt. Shin's fault that Yuki is gone? I was Yuki's co-pilot. She died when that dragon hit us. Shin and her team aren't to blame. If you're looking to blame someone. You can blame me. I didn't see the dragon coming and every day I curse myself for not seeing it. But I will not stand here and listen to you disrespect the men and women who risked their lives to save everyone in that situation." He leaned in and stared into Mrs. Tanaka's eyes. "You dishonor Yuki's memory with every word you let slip out of your mouth. I suggest you shut it before someone shuts it for you."

And with that, he marched out of the growing crowd and away from the funeral. He knew he wasn't welcome, and he didn't want to be around such despicable people. He decided he would look for the nearest bar if the settlement had one.

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