Dem Bones

Jericho's Landing - Dr. Lovell's Research Lab

Jessica Miller entered Dr. Lovell's lab and found the man fixated on something he was looking at through a microscope. So much so that he jumped when Miller spoke up.

"What're you looking at there?" She asked.

"Captain! What brings you here?" Lovell asked as he looked away from the microscope.

Miller looked up at the large tank that dominated the room. Inside was the remains of the dragon. Pieces of it had been removed for study, and despite being encased in preserving fluids it was in a state of decay. Since recovering the dragon Lovell had been obsessed with learning everything about the creature.

"You haven't been sending in your reports." Miller said.

"Oh, sorry. I've been so busy with my research..."

"You keep saying that, Doctor. But there are protocols that need to be followed."

"Yes, yes. I know." Lovell sounded agitated. "But you won't believe what I've discovered while researching this creature."

"It's a giant lizard," Miller said. "How fascinating can it be?"

"For one," Lovell started, "They seem to be highly resistant to infections. I introduced some Terran bacteria into some of the living cells I was able to preserve and found that they are hardy little buggers. It seems these creatures don't suffer from illnesses."

"Neither do we." Miller pointed out. "Med chips keep us healthy."

"You know very well that we've had a couple people come down with new illnesses contracted here, illnesses our med chips haven't been able to tend to properly. Should things get worse my research into these dragons may be able to stop an epidemic from spreading."

Miller sighed. "Okay, I get your point. However I need you to put this research on hold, something's come up."

"What?" Lovell asked.

"Folks at the Clarke Island Settlement found some remains on one of the other islands."

"What sort of remains?"

"Human remains."

Lovell frowned, perplexed but immediately interested.


"Wildcats" was the name for colonists who operated without Colonial Administration's authorization. They were usually privately funded colonies comprised of desperate people and criminals who were eager to get away from Central authority. As such, many Wildcats were also pirates who raided official colonies, sometimes even wiping them out in the process.

The fact that there was evidence of another colony on Dragoon, before Jericho's landing, strongly suggested that the human remains the Clarke Island settlers found were that of a Wildcat settlement. As such, Col. Foster insisted that a military detail be sent in along with the investigative team. Given that Clarke Island already had barracks posted, Foster had transferred authority of the military detail to Sgt. Shin.

Dr. Lovell was one of the first step off the transport as it landed at the Clarke Island Settlement. The second was Madison Rivers, who had become Lovell's personal assistant, of sorts. She had been so fascinated with the dragon they had recovered that she had continued to hover around the research team until Lovell decided she may as well contribute. She wasn't good with science-y stuff, but she was more than happy to help the researchers with typical grunt work.

She had managed to impress Lovell with her level of dedication and decided to keep her around. Madison didn't seem to mind basically being the glorified intern, it kept her busy and she was learning a lot about the dragons. Her background in the military also meant she could act as an intermediary between the science team and the military detachment sent in with them.

Lovell and the others made their way to a recently constructed dock where a boat would be taking them to Arrowhead where Shin and the others were already surveying the area the remains were found.

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