Meeting the Brass

Jericho's Landing
Fort Mjolnir (a.k.a. The Hammer)


"Gawd Damn girl !" Tank teased as she carefully stepped of the Samson trying not to kill herself in the process.

A formal meeting with Commander Foster meant the uniform of the day was her formal black on black dress uniform which consisted of a skirt, blazer, and a pair of matching pumps which made traversing comfortably in and out of the combat aircraft next to impossible.

Tank offered her a hand as she cleared the final steps.

" I take it you approve." She sounded noticing Tanks attention to her attire.

Tank smirked nodding. " I don't think I've ever seen you wear a skirt and heels before and if you don't mind me saying Ma'am. That is one impressive rack your sporting there."

Shin couldn't help but smirk at Tanks attempt at innuendo adjusting to give him a better view. " You like this rack here huh ?"

Tank couldn't help but laugh nodding his agreement taking her bags from her.

" It's not that often you see a woman with that much color on her chest. Your gonna terrify those poor little admin troops running things in command, and honestly I can't remember the last time I saw a black dress uniform."

Shin nodded her understanding given that bodies assigned career Security and Law Enforcement were few and far between on this rock. There was perhaps 3 maybe 4 at most as far as she knew.

" So, I thought you were on duty today ? " Shin thought to ask as they started away from the pads.

" I am… " Tank offered. " I was assigned as escort to the Head of Security from Clarke Island to Commander Fosters office as soon as she stepped of the transport."

Shin smirked. " It'll be a short posting. I lost my temper during the Doc's visit. I imagine I'll be in for a world of shit as soon as I report in."

Tank could only shrug as they walked towards the C&C.

" I haven't heard anything bad being said but shit has really hit the fan with the outbreak of Dragon Fever and mission commander dying. "

Shin looked on in surprise. " Captain Miller's dead ? "

Tank nodded. " One of several it seems. "

10 minutes later Shin found herself ushered into the Commander's Office by a pretty blond admin troop who quickly closed the door behind her as she exited.

Reaching the required arms length from the desk she stood at attention and saluted. " Gunnery Sergeant Morganna Shin reporting as ordered sir."


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