Crystal tried to get free but was nowhere near strong enough. “ I can’t I need to find Joseph the Marine’s took him away” she cried. She nearly collapsed again but thanks to the wall and Dr. Keller was able to stay upright.

Soon a volunteer arrived with a stretcher and some tranquilizers. “ this will help” Dr. Keller said as she eased Crystal into the Stretcher. Again crystal tried to stop them.” No, please he’s in trouble it’s my fault I was the pilot I should not...” she said trailing off and losing conciseness as Dr.Keller administered the Tranquilizer.

Crystal was then returned to medical and put in cryo. It was against her will but for her own good. It did not really matter as she was put before they made the call to put her in Cryo. She had no idea what was going on the last thing she would remember would be Joseph being taken away but the Marine’s.

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