Articles of Colonization

Jericho's Landing
Fort Mjolnir (a.k.a. The Hammer)

" We'll need to be careful there. " Shin warned.

" As per the articles of colonization Clarke Island has already commited almost 75% of the islands total able bodied population to the voluntary service of the main colony as per the agreement which mandates the service rotation of 4 week on to 2 weeks off for every volunteer under contract for the next 3 to 5 years." Shin pointed out.

"The Islands elders will not agree to the release of additional bodies. The rest are either too young or too old to be of benefit to colony defense anyways and before you start thinking of employing the emergency service draft measures. You'd better review the articles of colonization again because it in effect guarantees the settlement autonomy in exchange for its current colony commitments. The moment that contract is breached you'll void the agreement and loose every volunteer service member the Island settlement has provided."

" Numbers wise that amounts to 62 bodies in uniform as well as another 38 others in critical non-military roles. That's not a threat sir, that's just the reality of the contract that was agreed to." Shin offered softly.

" As for arming them… " Shin shrugged. " The settlements entire population is made up of survivors of the Titan Colonies separatist occupation and the Central Worlds occupation that followed. Clarke Island already has a rather sizable arsenal on station to insure its independence if that was ever threatened. Another detail covered under that same articles I mentioned earlier. No such thing as contract of autonomy if you don't have the means to enforce it after all. That said I'm fairly certain that the Island can match whatever hardware Novak can offer up and match it rifle for rifle. Actually I suspect a good number of weapons he's offered up likely came from Clarke Island to begin with."

Noting Fosters look Shin nodded her understanding.

" Kimono Sakada, That cute little Asian girl just a bit taller than me who works for Novak. Her fathers an Ex-Yakuza Enforcer and a current elder on Clarke Island. I haven't meet with her in person but I'm told she is as ruthless and blood thirsty as her father was back in the day. My understanding is that the Elders and Novak had a agreement in place before Jericho ever left Titan. "


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