BRV 1 Luanched

Glenn walked out side from his Conex and moved the cammo netting out of the way as he walking to the Jericho's Landing main yard. He ran his hands over the Drone looking it over. “four eyes are you there?” keying his mic. The computer answered “yes, chief.” Glenn smiled as he checked the mounted gear. “Ok fire up the Pods and run system checks.” He requested. Hearing the systems come a live He knew that there was power. Then the surveillance pod eye stated to move. Glenn smiled “Command should like this” he said talking to himself he stepped back taking an over view of the BRV-10 Vulture II Glenn had mounted two extra fuel tanks one enhanced surveillance pod link to command and a ECM Pod to help with concealment and jamming of any enemy electronics and communications. “Chief, all systems checkout” said the computer over the radio. “Roger, start pre fight checks” ordered Glenn. He turned to a walker standing near buy “You Triple 8. Tow this BRV-10 to over there” he commanded. The walker stared on its task as Glenn walked to the Drone control room.

Moments later he walked in thought the door he closed it be hind him. He looked over the three stations in front of him. “Four eyes fire up BRV1” he said. Glenn looked at the monitors as the Drone came to life. “2 mikes to launch” Four eyes said. Glenn moved to a seat and grabbed the controls. “all checks complete” Four eyes announced. Glenn made sure air space was clear and the LZ as well. “Ready to launch” said four eyes. Glenn smiled “Roger, launching” he pulled on the controls and pushed the accelerator slowly was the Drone lifted off glenn counted off “1 meter, 10 meters, 20 meters, engaging forward thrust.” The drone shot up at 75 miles per hour then 150 miles per hour reaching 2 kilometer in two mikes.” Glenn watch all the controls then set the flight pattern. “Wrecker to command, BRV 1 is launched and feed to patched to command the enhanced surveillance pod is ready for your use standing buy if you need anything, Wrecker out.”
He sat back in his char knowing he would have to suit up soon if the space battle goes bad.

Tag out there

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