Shin has a really really bad idea

Jericho's Landing
Fort Mjolnir (a.k.a. The Hammer)

Shin looked on watching events play out on the holographic displays leading up to the Orbital blinked out of existence.

" Well there goes a couple million units in profit right there. " Shin noted aloud as she was joined by Harris and some of the others.

" Their gonna be a little put off by that loss." Harris noted aloud. " November, what are we looking at ? "

" The big one looks like the ass end of a Dauntless Class Support Cruiser. Only the drive section and the large rear cargo holds. The crew tower is at the extreme forward. Looks like she's travelling light however given how much she's bouncing hitting the atmosphere … The ships really just a flying box with minimum structural support so they'll need to pick a soft spot to land her or risk her collapsing under own weight."

" The lake south of the Colony would be the best bet." Harris noted as Shin started pulling off her blazer.

" What about the smaller one ?" She asked.

" It's a Yardbird short range escort." Tank announced having arrived with Shin's duffles. " Total piece of shit as combat escorts go but she's quick enough but they come lightly armed and armoured and fully loaded maybe a dozen Marine's on a good day. One of your flying lizards could take her out."

Shin smirked at the idea. " Well hell, why not..." She announced collecting her gear from Tank before turning her attention to Harris and November. " I have a really really bad idea. Gear up the boys and meet me on the pads in 10 minutes. Tank I need you to draft me two birds and as many unattached transponders as you dig up."


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