Prepping for the battle

Looking at the screen next to him he could see the space battle and overhearing the command chatter he knew they were coming. He got up from his station “four eyes, you have control I have to prep the other BRV’s and check on the line I will be right back” Talking as he walks to his shelf. He pulled his vest armor and other equipment off and started to put it all on. He puts his pistol in his thigh holster and clips his combat sling to his vest. And slides his assault rifle to his side he opened the door and exited the control room.

Stepping out of Jericho He gave a quick scan of the area looking at the solders moving in to position. He spotted one of the sergeants. Glenn walked over to him looking at the perimeter. “Sergeant!” getting his attention, “I have something for you” yelled Glenn “See that there, it is a rapid barrier.” The Sergeant looked and had a confused look on his face. “where?” Glenn walk up to it “Here, let me show you he pulls the peace of steel up. the L shape as you pull it up you step on the back of the legs and drive the stakes in to the ground like this.” Says Glenn Setting it up. the piece of steel was about six feet wide four feet high wall. with reinforced legs that stretched out. “This will help you, but can’t stop anything bigger than a 50 cal. I put 20 of them inside the premotor to fall back on if need or help hold location” says Glenn. Smiling the Sergeant replied, “thanks got it.” Glenn laid the rapid barrier back down. “Are the claymores explosives I made for you working out, Sergeant” he asks. The man’s eyes lit up “they rock can’t wait to use them thanks Davenport!” Glenn walk over slapping the Sergeant on the back “good luck out there” and walked over to where the drones were.

The BRV-10s were in their shelters Glenn walked over to each of them and released their cables and moved and thing that was in the way he went over there weapon packages he had mounted four air to air missiles and two milti purpose air to ground missiles on them all three BVRs were ready to lunch when needed. Walking over to another area near by looking at the row of Hunter-Ts he made sure they were fueled and ready to launch as well “Chief, 10 mikes out” said the AI computer Four eyes. “Roger, 10 mikes, on my way back” he replied. He started to jog back to the control room not knowing how this battle was going to go but he would do all he could for Jericho.

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