An Early Christmas

" What the hell happened? " Peter announce stepping out of his office.

Kimiko could only shrug stared down at the pair of dead thugs wearing miners uniforms. Though clearly not any of the local bodies she recognized. The pair having come through the office doors the moment before with that all to familiar look of trouble painted on their faces.

One moment it was just another day playing Mr Novak's pretty little secretary and the next …

" Unwelcome guests. " Kimiko offered setting the shotgun she held onto her desk as she moved to police the bodies.

Peter looked on with a concerned look his frown only deepening as she produced a pair of pistols fitted with silencers. " Well that is an unfortunate turn of events isn't. "

Kimiko nodded. " This ones still alive Boss. "

Novak's features brightened at the news. " Well well, Christmas has come early this year hasn't. "

Kimiko frowned not really understanding the dated reference.

" Kimiko dear, you always buy me the best toys." Novak said in an attempt a humor.

Kimiko could only shrug. " You think the Wildcats are on the move Boss? "

" I'd say this is a clear sign of an escalation in hostilities. " Novak said giving an upwards glance as security arrived. " Put this one on Ice and dump the other one if you'd be so kind and lock this place down. I'd lay good odd's there are more of these gorilla's lurking about."

Novak turned his attention back to Ms Sakada than.

" Kimiko, I think Colonel Foster will be needed his Christmas Presents early this year as well. I need you to see that they get delivered without delay. "

Kimiko nodded her understanding. " I'll fly it down personally Boss. "

" That's my girl. " Novak nodded his approval as he collected her shotgun off the desk. " Now if you don't mind, I'd like to borrow this for a bit. You never know after all. "


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