Shin has a really really bad idea - Part 02

" Buddy up, Quick ready inspection." Shin sounded off hitting the pad at a run dropping her duffle on the ground at her feet as Harris paired up with her.

" This isn't going to work. " Harris stated plainly as his hands tested the straps of her web gear and pulling the buckle's tight. " They can't possibly be that stupid. "

Shin nodded her agreement as she mirrored his movements performed the same checks on his gear. " And that my friend is why it's gonna work. Not because they are smart or stupid but because they can't ignore a possible threat ready to jump them from behind when they put boots on the ground."

Harris frowned his annoyance as he tightened the straps holding her breastplate in place. " Explain it to me ? "
Shin shrugged. " We have roughly 30 unattached transponders coded for the Rhino's and Samson's. Real or no the Enemy is going to have to counter the possible threat and the only bird they have that can address an airborne and ground based threat is … "

" The Yardbird. " Harris stated plainly. " What about the fighters ? "

Shin nodded. " Sure there is the possibility they'll throw some fighters our way, but fighters are one and two man birds and ineffective against both airborne and ground based threats and they sure as hell can't run a cleanup operation. They'll have to task the Yardbird because that's all they have."

" And once they figure out that it only a couple of birds crewed by a couple of grunts ? " Harris inquired.

" Ever known a guy to pull his dick out of a girl once he's got her in bed? " Shin smirked. " Same logic here, Once these fucks are commit to the act they'll go all out until they shoot their load. We just need to keep these boys fixated on fucking us up until the Dragons show up to fuck them."

Harris shook his head. " Honestly, Shin is everything about sex with you. "

" Everything boils down to sex in the end Harris. It's a fuck or get fucked world we live in. " Shin smirk smacking him hard on the shoulder plate.

" Okay boys, mount up … and I hope you brought protection or at least some lube. " She could'nt help but laugh. " Because someone is about to have their shit fucked up."

There was a collective groan from the fire team as they Climbing aboard the pair of combat ready Samson.

Shin strapping herself into the co-pilots seat singing softly to herself as she helped preform the start-up checks. The Lyrics to an old Earth movie called the Rocky Horror Picture Show coming to mind.


OOC - For those who care Shin is singing " I can Make you a Man. " from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Because its funny ... "


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