Shin has a really really bad idea - Part 03

A brief flicker of power from some 3 dozen independently powered transponders was all it took and the once outbound enemy Yardbird made a quick 180 degree turn and came into the kill box like the wrath of God lighting up the Jungle canopy with every weapon the bitch could bring to bare.

Truth be told even Shin had to admit that she thought her plan was flawed at best and was as surprised as the rest when the Yardbird took the bait.

" Holy shit, They bought it. " Harris sounded off as they watched the 100 ton troopship over shoot the Samson's position.

" Hit 'em now ! " Shin nearly screamed into the mic.

The Yardbird had only just cleared the Kill box only just angling into a climb when the pair of Samsons threw everything they had at the enemy.

Their were a few solid hits on the Yardbirds rear quarter but the problem was that as much of a piece of shit as the 100 ton bitch was. She was still more than a match for anything that the pair of Samsons could throw at her.

" Okay bitches, Run for it … " Shin gave the command as the Yardbird opened up on their position.


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