Shin has a really really bad idea - End

" Shit, hold on to something!"

The pilot announced as he pulled suddenly on the stick, the craft breaking hard before suddenly dropping left and then right again in a controlled fall as tracers cut through the open air just above where the Samson had been only a moment before.

If there was something to be thankful for it was that the Yardbirds primary weapons load consisted of only two pairs of Extended Range PPC's and a half dozen long range torpedo tubes ideal for fixed or moving targets to large to miss and thankfully next to useless against anything smaller than a capital ship like the Samson's.

That said the Yardbird also had a half dozen proximity defensive batteries scattered across the top and bottom of the craft that could be used offensively in a pinch which more than made up for the crafts lack of more dedicated close range capability.

" 8 minutes… " Shin called out the range. " Just keep this piece of shit in the air another 8 minutes and we'll have these Fuckers on toast. "

" You sound pretty certain about that gunny... " The pilot shot back as their number two crossed their flight path just a less than 100 meters at a positive altitude of less than 50 meter elevation with a steady stream tracers following in its wake. The sound of autocannon rounds bouncing off the Samson's armored side panels as they flew through the trailing rounds.

" Fucking hell Samson 2. " Shin screaming into the comm as the control surfaces lit up like a Christmas tree. The smell of smoke and burnt ozone stung her nose as lights flashed and died and than sparks exploded from behind the panel against the windscreen.

" I think we lost something ! " Harris shouted from the back.

" What was your first clue? " Shin hissed realizing the long range comm was dead as well as every other gauge and instrument on the panel in front of her. Her gaze then moving to follow their number 2 as the craft made a desperate bid at escape and started into a climb up and to her two O'clock position.

" Oh Fuck, Don't climb you ... "

With a sudden burst of unexpected speed the Yardbird easily overtook the Smaller craft not bothering with its guns the larger craft simply running the Smaller craft down.

" … Idiot's. Stupid Fucking idiot's."

Shin cursed as she watched the Samson roll and bounce two or three times across the top of the larger craft before falling over the backside of the Yardbird. The pieces of the ruined craft disappearing into the Jungle canopy below.

There wasn't any time to mourn for lost friends however as the Yardbird banked back in their direction ever battery lighting up sending a rain of tracers and death in their direction.

In a desperate bid of their own the pilot dropped the Samson under safe altitude her as the Pilot taking the bird into a full dive hoping to avoid the incoming weapons fire. It was in that last moment before all he'll broke loose that the proximity alert sounded as they crossed that invisible line into Dragon airspace, and then the sound of ripping metal as autocannon rounds ripped through the ass end of the Samson and an explosion snapped the Samson in two.

The last thing Shin saw through the fire and smoke being the green of the jungle canopy below rushing to greet them.


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