The Dark Can't Protect You

The colony was in disarray. Gunfire and explosions echoed through the night air as the wildcats who had been waiting in the forest for this moment now enacted their raid. Their brethren in orbit had drawn away much of the military contingent, and the security teams posted weren't ready for what they had in store for them.

Raiders were already setting about collecting what resources they could get their hands on. Some set about stunning any and all members of the colony that were marked for slavery. Though some were just stunned so the raiders could have some fun right then and there before moving on with the raid. Screams began to join the roar of gunfire in the air soon thereafter.

In Lovell's private lab in the colony, a group of raiders, four men, burst in and started to loot the place for drugs and other valuable chemicals.

One of the raiders, a man named Carver, scanned the room with the torch on his rifle and came to a stop on the massive tank in the center of the room that carried the remains of a dragon. "Holy shit! Check this out guys! They got one of those dragon-things in here!"

"Fuckin' things..." another raider named Billy remarked. "Ate three of my girls one time. No good, fucking alien lizards."

"Let's clear this place and get outta here," Carver said. He continued to shine his torch across the room then paused annd looked to the youngest of the group. "Jesse!" he hissed and noted the large cryo pod that resided on the far side of the room. "Check it out!"

Jesse did as he was told and went over to the pod and shone his torch. The inside of the pod was murky and dark. He couldn't see anything, even the light couldn't penetrate the fluid that far.

"Dunno what this shit is." Jesse said. "Looks like old beer."

"Eggheads decided to have a kegger in here?" Carver chuckled.

Then Jesse heard something move inside the pod. He jumped and blurted out "What the shit??? Something moved in here!"

"You're gettin' jumpy, Jesse." Travis, the last of their number, said as he found a number of vials that seemed to interest him and he began to pocket them. "Probably just a dead alien monkey..."

"Yeah..." Jesse tried to laugh his unease away and looked back into the pod one last time to see if he could make anything out.

A hand smashed its way out of the transparent plasteel container and seized Jesse's head. The young wildcat let out a muffled scream and wildly fired his rifle every which way in a panic as the hand proceeded to pull his head back and slam it against the cryo pod. The other raiders had to take cover as bullets flew everywhere.

It didn't take long for Jesse's head to get caved in by the three or so slams against the cryo pod. The hand let go and retreated back into the pod which had begun spilling the fluid contents onto the floor. The other wildcats finally got out from behind cover and looked to the pod and their fallen comrade.

"What the fuck?" Billy exclaimed.

"Shoot the fucking thing!" Carver shouted, deciding to take no chances as he brought up his gun.

In that instant the pod door was sent flying across the lab, crashing into some chair and nearly hitting Billy who had to duck to the side. Carver and Travis opened fire at the pod, but whatever was inside was so fast that they ended up filling an empty pod with lead.

"It's over there! It's over there!" Travis shouted as he tried following the blur that had burst from the pod to one of the corners. But their lights fell on an empty corner. Billy stood up and they all began to search wildly for the unknown creature that was now loose in the lab.

"What the fuck were these people experimenting on in here?" Billy shouted.

"I dunno, but we need to get the fuck outta here!" Travis suggested.

Their torches danced in the darkness of the lab as they looked for the exit. They started towards it but in that moment both Carver and Travis let out screams as something, which let out a deep, raspy growl, seized them both. Their screams were cut short and both their torches fell to the floor. Billy exclaimed and turned to shine his light on where they had been standing and the light finally illuminated their attacker.

It was a woman with dirty blonde hair. Or at least it looked like a woman. She was naked and her skin glistened in the light of his torch from the fluid inside the pod she had been immersed in. Yet Billy could see that something was out of place. Her skin wasn't completely flawless and smooth, there were patches of what appeared to be scales that seemed to trace along certain areas of her body such as along her arms, legs, and areas of her torso and her shoulders. Her hands had thick, dark claws on the ends of her fingers as well. However, despite her nudity, Billy's attention was on her eyes which seemed to glimmer in the light of his torch. Eyes that were far too similar to the eyes of the dragon that was suspended in the tank behind her.

Madison glared at him and a deep growl emanated from deep within her. Billy let out a scream and turned to run to the door. Fearing that he wouldn't reach it in time. Yet he did, and he burst out into the cold night air still filled with the sounds of the raid in progress. He continued to run, he was only concerned about getting away from that thing. He soon reached a cargo area with a barred gate and reached it and slammed the gate behind him and slid the massive bar it had to lock it. He turned and found a few large crates to duck behind and he tried to catch his breath.

"What the fuck?" Was all he kept repeating to himself. Over and over.

After he managed to catch his breath he just at in the dark and heard the continued sounds of gunfire and screams. Then her heard something moving around in the darkness beyond the gate which had a small light above it to cast a near perfect cone of light around it. He brought up his rifle and aimed at where the sounds had come from.

"I can smell you..." Came a feminine voice, yet there was a roughness to it that made it sound less human than it should've. "I can see you..."

Billy exclaimed and shut his torch off in the hopes that she wouldn't be able to see him.

"I can still see you." The voice said, almost teasingly. This was followed by a low laugh.

Panic set in and Billy fired at where the voice was coming from. There was no indication the rounds had hit their mark. Billy was shivering now, terror set in finally. He tried desperately to see where she would show up again, but it was dark, and he wasn't coherent enough to remember he'd packed a set of night vision goggles that were nestled in the bag hooked to his belt. Then he saw movement. A figure that charged at the front gate with a guttural roar.

Billy fired at the figure and it staggered backwards for a moment. It was close enough to the light over the gate he could see it was her. He'd hit her, and he looked down at where the round had hit her in the abdomen.

Then she laughed and her posture straightened. "That hurt... but not enough..."

She stepped up to the gate and seized the bars and started to pull them apart. Billy screamed and tried to shoot at her again, but his rifle clicked empty and he started to fumble for the spare clip.

Madison bent the bars, they slowly gave way under her newfound strength and she continued to stare at her quarry intently. Once the bars were bent wide enough she slipped her arm through and unlatched the gate. By then, Billy had finally managed to get the spare clip into the rifle and turned it up at Madison.

But it was too late.

She grabbed the end of the rifle and tore it out of his hands. Then she brought her other hand down, using her new claws to slash the raider's throat. He coked on his own blood and stared up at her as the life faded from his eyes. Never once tearing his gaze away from those eyes of hers as they glittered like gold in the night.

Once the raider had slipped away Madison stripped him of his gear. Slipping into the man's pants yet left his boots as, she found, the rough ground didn't seem to bother her feet. She inspected the rifle and made sure to gather the man's other equipment, though she tossed the night vision goggles aside. She could see just fine.

Before donning the man's tac-vest she observed the spot he'd shot her in. The pain was minimal and the bullet, which given the model of the gun was a round designed for light armor piercing, had only scuffed her new hide. A small amount of blood was present but even now she could tell it wasn't anything to truly worry about. She smirked and finished gathering what gear she felt she'd need. Then she proceeded to slip back into the cover of darkness.

The hunt was on.

(OOC: Alright. So if you guys aren't already aware. I have introduced a new character class to the groups menu. The Dragoon. Everyone who was in stasis due to Dragon Fever is now a part of this class, since Lovell has begun to transformation process on them all. If your character was not one of those in cryo you can have them become a Dragoon later on by volunteering. As this post has shown, they're tough hombres with enhanced strength, night vision, claws, and agility. Though they're not entirely bulletproof. They just have a thick hide. I'll put up a profile for them in the game information menu should you desire any further information.

Would you like to know more?)

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