In the Fray

"They're fucking sending in drugged up slaves!" The marine shouted. Almost immediately realizing this, the real raiders began to open fire, the distraction allowing them to flank the defense teams at the first junction. It didn't take them long to take out the team and move on to the next.

The wildcats had successfully entered the colony. Davenport sighed “fuck, should have explained claymores more to them trained troops my ass.” He said out loud. “Four eyes take the landing field, I got the flank then I will swing around and engage the wildcats there.

Davenport started to make his run with the Drone he only had four hours of flight time on their battery backup for the drone control Panel. The drone Vulture II class turned hard and lined up on the targets. He switched the optics to IR now he could see the reflection of the tape on the slaves. He spotted a group to the rear about 25 meters back he used the laser tag it lit up the group up of wildcats. They looked back as the Air to ground missile fired it was too late it hit. The missile exploded wildcats went flying pieces of them scattered across the impact area. their heat signatures dissipated as they died.
Four eyes had stopped a large group heading for the landing zone. The explosions lit the night sky. Then an alarm set off on his panel the recon drone spotted something coming fast the long body and big wing span could not be mistaken A dragon. A great horned breed must have been an alfa bigger than a small fighter everyone was in danger on the ground. Davenport wondered if the wildcats knew what was coming, he keyed his mic “this is Wrecker 6, grate dragon in bound I repeat grate dragon in bound take cover!” He told them.

He flew the drone a little higher and did a fly by of the dragon. It did what he wanted the drone circled and started back to Jericho's Landing at full speed the drone could barley stay ahead of the dragon. He looked for the greatest number of wildcats and flew low the wildcats turned to fire at the drone as they lit the sky up the drone turned and rolled left the gun fire missed but hit the dragon it roared as some bullets hit and some just bounced off hits armored hide. It dropped down right in the middle of them crushing some taring apart others. It slashed with its wings and tell killing as many as it could.

Davenport saw a glint in the dissents in his IR optic he turned and took a look. the drone flew low at tree top. It was a drop ship 5 kilometers away. He turns the drone he knew that the ship had him on their radar he turned the drone changing course coming up behind it he recognized that his four air to air missiles could not penetrate the armor. But the engine ports were easy enough. The anti-fighter guns started to fire the rounds they were flying by getting closer to the drone. He fired the drone’s missiles all four they impacted the engine ports there were detonations all over the back then secondary detonations. He thought to him self they are going nowhere as the drone bust in to flames and exploded from automatic gun fire from the drop ship.
“well four eyes I am done I will head out and do some ground combat helping the lines if I can.

Davenport got up and walk over to his self he attached his assault rifle to his back and picked up his light machine gun he attached the box magazine to it. It had 200 rounds in it then attached 4 more to his belt. “I am out four eyes. bring back the one you have and launch the other two.” And exited the door.

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