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Summary: A very friendly, but stiff and distant A.I. with astounding chess skill.


Gender: Male Voice

Age: 3

Group: A.I. (2)


Artificial Intelligence.


Hypernavigation and Bridge A.I.


Can Automatically Recall Zettabytes of Stored Information, Logician, Friendly Charisma, etc.


Over-Nice, Gullible, Bad Power-Routing Capabilities, Doesn't Understand Pop-Culture.

Physical Appearance and Clothing

His main core is a one-foot by one-foot disc set in the ceiling of Bruce's cabin, connected to all manner of wires and pipes.

When speaking to someone, he will sometimes project a holographic image of a sphere on a wide, tapering shaft, complete with a "mouth" that moves according to his sound frequencies.

Personality and Interests

He loves to please, is gullible, is sheltered, and doesn't have much interest in pop-culture, preferring isometric studies and work to entertainment.

The one game he does play is chess, which he was programmed with the ability to play masterfully. Aurelius secretly thinks his chess-playing time work, and lumps it in with all his other daily duties.


An A.I. bought on the cyberplanet Borgg in order to help with the running of the ship. He has been at it for three years.

Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

He cannot eat.

Least Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

He cannot eat.

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Image of Aurelius
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