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Summary: I once repaired a fusion reactor on a Goliath class frigate with two paper clips and gum. Fun times!

Fred Krueger

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Engineer (2)




Starship and space station maintenance.


Really good at fixing and even building stuff with junk. One time he even built his own laz-pistol. He carries it with him now.


He's kind of a dick and he smokes WAY too much.

Bloody terrible pilot. Just simply awful. But he refuses to admit it.

Physical Appearance and Clothing

Lean frame. Heavy brown boots. Black flight jacket with quilted shoulder padding. Ever present fedora.

...and the most magnificent mustache that anyone has ever seen.

Personality and Interests

Always ready with a witty one-liner.

Hates cats. An ex wife had one and it pissed all over everything.


His homeworld was always too small for Krueger. From an early age, he dreamed of leaving it behind. Also, he wanted to make a lot of money. He's made a LOT of bad decisions over the years but finally got his act together and combined his natural talent for engineering with formal training. With actual credentials to waive around, it didn't take long before a ship came along in need of his expertise.

Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Steak-pan-tatas - it's a steat made out of an adorable baby panda bear and sauteed with mushrooms. Yum!

Least Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Pickles. There's just something wrong about them.

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Image of Fred Krueger
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