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Summary: It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.


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Gender: Male

Age: Real 45 - Subjective 235

Group: Security (2)


Augmented Cybernetic Humanoid


Smuggler, Enforcer, Bouncer, Pit Fighter, Bounty Hunter, Debt Collector, Hitman


Tactical strikes
Interrogation Techniques
Neuro Implants
Black Ops


Lack of Empathy
Several physiological and physical addictions
Quick to anger

Physical Appearance and Clothing

Tall, muscular, grey hair, scarred.

Black Fujiwara Recon IV Exo-Battle suit

Black leather trench coat

Personality and Interests

Sadist, enjoys pain, drugs, drinking and sex. Revels in violence.


Claymore's real name is unknown. Was part of the Paramilitary Vega Envoys for two decades, taking part in several planetary coups and assassinations. Wanted in 12 systems within the Bubble of Humanity for dozens of death penalty crimes.
Lately has been working as an enforcer for a major crime syndicate in Carnassus 5 but is looking into a way to leave known space behind in search of one final huge payout and new things to kill and maim.

Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

None. Prefers drinks or drugs like Aurelian Sunforged Mead or Splice Noir.

Least Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Gummy blood worms.

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Image of Claymore
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