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Summary: Humanoid shaped cloud of gas with an incredible knack for Xenolinguistics

Columbus O. Nimbus

Gender: Male

Age: 101, though that is young for his people, who live upwards of 800

Group: Diplomat (1)


Mystils, a race of membrane contained gas people that are quite uncommon throughout the stars.


Small stint in the food service industry as a cook
Had worked odd jobs on his home planet


A perfect poker face
Quick reader
Uncanny Xenolinguistics
A green thumb like no other


Unbearably naive, lacking in experience
Heavy lifting is sometimes dangerous, as stress on the membrane could cause cracks, leaks, or bursts

Physical Appearance and Clothing

A strong membrane encases most of his bodily gasses, but a weaker layer of membrane covers his loose, free flowing head.
He is just as susceptible to a wound as a human is, though the operation may be a bit more foreign.
He often wears a pair of spacer pants and boots that can vacuum seal to each other for space walks or dangerous environments. When in a safe place, he will wear loose hoodies or turtlenecks for comfort and approach-ability. When entering dangerous situations, he wears a skintight spacer top and gloves similar to the pants and boots, along with a helmet that has capabilities to obscure his visage.

Personality and Interests

Curious soul
Gardening aficionado
Rarely angered
Eager to learn


Columbus set forth from his home world on a religious journey common for his people. This journey involves exploring the stars in hopes to learn more and more to show when he returns home. Some return after a year, some after two hundred. He has only been on the path for a mere six months, but desires to learn more and do more, so any odd job that piques his interest is hard to decline, though few want work from an alien like him.

Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Well.. He sorta just soaks up the moisture from food.
But soups are a favorite, since he swears that it holds a more potent flavor

Least Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Dry food. It's near impossible to gain nutrients from it.

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Image of Columbus O. Nimbus
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