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Summary: I see much further than you, blind to many things you can and cannot dream

Corvo Donva

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Gender: Male

Age: 344

Group: Helmsman (2)



Humanoid Psionic Lifeform


Precognitive Astrogation/Navigation operator

Secondary Helmsman


Firearms and Energy Weapon training
Small knives and hand-to-hand combat
Working knowledge of FTL
Detailed knowledge of the metaphysical


Requires time to channel power for psychic abilities
Requires concentration for psychic abilities

Remains aloof at times due to his longevity
Lacks know how to maintain and repair FTL drives
Can often become enthralled by the metaphysical

Physical Appearance and Clothing

Tall, with dark hair. His eyes are a normal range of human blue, with a noticeable silver band in his iris

Personality and Interests

He often finds new things through the years to enjoy. He has picked up a few languages and literature from different species, enjoying the history and tales of different people.

He looks to be non-emotional at times, though he often feels what many people are feeling themselves. He remains distant to most but has strong kinship with those he has served with before. He does not fear another telepath, for he relies on his Confederate teachings for mental fight, he fears one day the future will end unexpectedly. He seeks to always explore, sometimes disappearing without a trace.


Corvo was born to one of the most turbulent times on Bakura, the homeworld of the Yassengoro Confederacy. The 1,000 year nation had finally managed to defeat the Tyznn Empire and seize their former worlds in quick, decisive strikes; the Confederacy would fly their flag over many of their liberated worlds but in ragged breath. Even as the Tyznn were beaten, they still led raids into the nation, something that forced the hardest drop in their economy since centuries before.

The Confederacy was in an economic slump, even on the core worlds. Disenfranchised people, with the wisdom of their forefathers, weathered it but still cried out. Corvo was one of many voices to call and receive nothing. He, like the rest of the citizens of the Confederacy, would have to work for every inch of relief.

When he reached the work age of 44, he was already well learned in the duties of the Confederacy. Once his mandatory work age was voided, he would look proudly to the military might and join. Until then, he plied his work with every other worker in every factory.

Ship parts, components, raw material being purified, it mattered not who had the most. It mattered more as to how much you could return to the Confederacy, be it labor or life. Corvo knew from the thoughts of many that things will get better, even as his friends grew weary of the way things were. He held onto it, clinging to every year while silently waiting the day he could leave the smog choked industrial sectors.

Corvo lost his father long ago before he was born. But the loss of his mother during the last days of his work years would mark him. He had never felt death until then. Even as his ticket was accepted into service, he felt he had made the wrong choice and he should have stayed care for her, even if it meant decades more work.

In training, he fell through depression at his loss. The military did not care and instead made him go until he could not think. He grew numb to the death, even as the border wars continued between the Tyznn and the Confederacy.

He was promising, adaptable to most situations where many would hesitate too long. He developed his formal training for his powers during his time as a helmsman, at the behest of the ship's commander. He had already begun to experience deep, foreboding nightmares from his untapped psychic powers and this solidified it. Corvo would be put through many mentally straining but vital training. He hated it, he loved it, but at least his fears were put somewhat at rest for the next century.

Corvo had begun to feel a calling one day, just past his 133 birthday. It reached out to him from the void of space, an urge to see. That day, he left the Confederacy with not a word, peacefully, yet quietly. Since, he has traveled far and looks for a means not only to sate this feeling but to live to the next day.

Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Plo'meek soup
Crasdash scorlin covered in Yenti butter
Terran French Toast
Hiib tentacles, lightly seared on Terran broccoli
Terran prunes

Least Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Terran fish
Fubaki shakes
Gruu pudding, unless with Bakuran wine
Trera steaks
Anything from Bragmas III

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Image of Corvo Donva
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