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Summary: Not only can I take you apart, I can also put you back together in more ways than you can count ...

Dynna Jurran

Gender: Female

Age: 100+ ( Official Records Place her Closer to 300 Years )

Group: Medical Officer (1)


Modified Human


Medical Doctor -General Practitioner Specializing in ... Cosmedic and Gene Modification. As well as Cybernetic and Bioware Enhancement.


Intellectually Brilliant with a near mastery of her field of study.

Enhanced knowledge of Computer systems a specialized medical hardware.

Pretty handy with your standard issue sidearm.

Rather charming and personable by all accounts.


Jurran has a rather extensive and as some have pointed out unbelievable Criminal Record spanning over two hundred years and across several dozen Inner Sphere worlds.

To date her so-called crimes cover a wide spectrum including.
- Illegal medical experimentation
- Unlawful human cloning.
- Illegal Cybernetic Enhancements.
- Torture and other War Crimes.

There is a strong belief that Jurran may be mentally unstable given the results of dozens of Psych Evals and Personality Profiles compiled on her over the years.

Jurran has been profiled as Narcissistic with strong Sociopathic tendencies and is acknowledged as having little empathy for humans in general. This said she has been known to have strong nearly violent reactions to mistreatment of both animals and artificals. With an unconfirmed report that suggest that she have killed a man over the mistreatment of an artificial once and while this event remains unsupported several witnesses have confirmed that Jurran has been known to fawn or act motherly to the artificals in her care.

Jurran is also known to be incredibly vain regarding her looks and goes to great lengths to maintain them.

Physical Appearance and Clothing

Appearance wise Jurran is remarkable for a woman just shy of 100 years old. ( Actually closer to 300 years but whose counting )

Standing roughly 5'8" in heels she has dark hair and dark eyes and prefers to wear her hair long though pulled into a pony tail when things get messy.

On duty she prefers a second skin bodysuit under a traditional lab coat. Off duty Jurran is a "less is more" kinda girl.

Personality and Interests

Looks aside Jurran can be rather charming in her own way and has a quick wit and ready smile when its called for. She also has an almost a sixth sense when it comes to getting people to do what she wants them too.

When it comes to 'her job' Jurran is both skilled and professional in her execution of her tasks with an eye for details that is rarely equaled. Her biggest problem however is that she has an overwhelming want to improve her upon what is sent to her way. Be it health and fitness recommendations or out and out genetic modification if called for.

Outside of work Jurran is a tad laid back about just about everything that she views as being simply "emotional nonsenseā€œ a mindset that has led her time and time again to clashes with her so called significant others and would be boyfriends or girlfriends for that matter.

Health and Fitness are a big deal to Jurran. Perhaps suprising given her fixation on sweets. Still Exercise and proper eating habits are observed and Yoga when time allows.


One would be hard pressed to match the so-called monster that the Central Worlds Government has made her out to be with the reality that is Dr Dynna Jurran.

Even she could not hope to explain how in the span of the last two hundred years that she gone from Naval Doctor to being the boogie man that the Central Worlds has made her out to be.

Oddly enough the one positive proving to be an error or glitch in the Central Worlds database which has resulted in a fixation upon the idea that the name Dr Jurran belongs to a man and not a woman. A little detail that has spared Jurran capture and execution on no less than a dozen worlds.

Dr Jurran was born and raised on Ryan's Colony during the bloodiest years of the Separatist Union uprisings and than the harsh years of the Central Worlds occupation that followed.

The first fifteen years of life a living hell Jurran was sold-in-Marriage to a Major in the Central Worlds Military who would later returned with her to his home planet of Terra.

It was on Terra under the care and guidance of the Major that Jurran began attending special schools and to make up for lost time until at last she was accepted into The University of New Jerusalem and than later was allowed to enroll in the Central Worlds Naval Forces in order to make herself eligible for the Naval Forces scholarship program that would allow her to attend New Oxford Medical School and earn her degree in trade for Twelve years Active Military service.

Seemingly a fair trade as far as Jurran was concerned but as with all things the game proved to be rigged.

Twelve years of Active Service time in the Central Worlds Naval Forces as it happens does not account for transit time and twelve years quickly became 78 as one ship board assignment after another all but consumed her life as each assignment seemed longer and longer and each vessal dragging her further and further into the void.

It was during her last Tour that things took a turn for the worse when fighting broke out on the Mining Moon of TMC-4268.

In an effort to reduce unwanted casualties on both sides The Captain had ordered her and her staff to prep a neural agent to subdue the rebelling miners. Unforseen Environmental factors however played a roll and the agent deployed to subdue the Colony proved toxic when mixed with the colonies artificial atmosphere and ended up killing all 10,000 colonists in the span of a few short hours.

An IG investigation proved Jurran and her team were not at fault for the event but she was still Court Martialed for her role and was stripped of her rank before being ejected from Naval Service in the ass end of space with no way home.

From there life only proved to get worse as Jurran travelled from planet to planet and colony to colony trying make a new life for herself amongst the stars only to have things go sour for her time and time again. Her very name cursed it seemed and the only employment to be had was working with criminals, malcontents, and would be terrorists.

Two dozen worlds and two hundred years later and Jurran has all but given up hope of ever finding a place to call home. Sure she has all the wealth she could ever want but she also has a price on her head on worlds she has never even seen.

It was only by chance that a job offer came her way via back channels to crew aboard a vessel bound for the depths of space where she hopes she can be forgotten and reinvent herself so that she start over anew.

Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Jurran has a affection for her mothers Ambrosia Fruit Salad ( No Nuts, No Cherries ) with shredded coconut, Whipped cream and rainbow colored Marshmellows ...

She is also big on hard Candies to include Lemon drops, Taffy's, and Mints.

Least Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Jurran hates Fresh Water Fish with a passion ( She calls them Mudfish )

Walnuts ( They ruin everything )

Cherries ( Not even on Ice Cream Sundae's )

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