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Summary: Security? Can't be dangerous-er than pinning down a Wakonagon.

Akhana a Taliri (Tal)

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Gender: Female

Age: 24 (Out of a life expectancy of 62)

Group: Security (2)


Felmogosian Ulthari


Taliri has been an animal handler at an Ulthari safari, which is no small considering the powerful beasts that reside there. However she is hoping to see more of the universe before she gets old (which her people do quicker than humans) and is looking to find work on a starship.


On top of connecting well with (and to a lesser extent, manipulating) animals, Tal is extremely strong, especially by human standards. She can carry around a 180 pound mass without slowing down much and is able to move objects (or creatures) that are over 550 pounds.

Like most of her people, she is also lithe and graceful, at least on her feet. She is not quite as skilled with her fingers.

She has experience using whips, shock spears, and metal rods as weapons to subdue the great creatures of Ulthar that were her charges when they went off the handle.


Tal is not particularly dexterous. She sometimes suffers from butter fingers, but more significantly, her aim is quite bad (although this could be from her lack of patience as much as anything). When a situation called for a tranquilizer gun, Tal got her coworkers to take the shot.

Although she has worked with tourists and other foreigners, she has very little experience outside of her somewhat tribal society.

Galactic Standard is her second language by a significant margin, and that in conjunction with her "backward" culture and unfamiliarity with human technology and behavior results in her coming across as quite dense.

She's very tall and somewhat heavy by human standards, and as such a lot spaces and furniture designed for humans won't be terribly comfortable for her.

Physical Appearance and Clothing

Tal stands at an impressive 7'8" tall, which is only slightly above average for her people but is taller than most Human Galactic Basketball League players. She weighs 260 pounds of muscle, bones, and organs with very little fat. Like all of her people, she has blue skin, although the people of her ethnicity have a bit lighter skin and more distinct stripes. She also has a tail with a furred tip.

Like all Ulthari, Tal's has rather feline nose and rodent-esque ears. Tal herself has unusually light dirty blonde hair and less unusual (for her people) lime colored eyes.

She has a few loose fitting outfits that are traditional for her people and has some human clothes in an attempt to fit in. Unfortunately, even in XL and XXL, these outfits don't fit too well, with a pair of athletic pants fitting more like capris.

Personality and Interests

Tal has always been a risk taker. In runs in her blood, and you won't last long as a beast keeper on Ulthari without being stupidly couragous. Not anyone can wrestle with Raklin Dragons and Kikilid Tigers on a regular basis. Even so, she has a soft side, especially for animals but a little less so for sentient people, who she believes should have the self awareness to get over their fears and find happiness for themselves.

Tal tends to have pretty strong mood swings, at times being manically exuberant and then becoming somber or irritable a few hours later.

She is also almost perpetually impatient. Life is short, so take it by the horns and go go go...


Taliri was born to the Akhana clan, which had a strong cavalry tradition throughout it's fairly prestigious history. Alas, even the tough, towering creatures of Ulthar can't stand before heavy caliber machine gun fire, and with the advancement of technology and tactics, the Akhana clan's fortunes waned.

Still following the family tradition, Taliri became a beast tamer and handler, a job that she was definately good at.

However, she's getting tired of all the tradition and routine. She's seen and met some of the aliens, and she wants to see more of the universe. By Brukhami, she's almost middle aged! She learned Galactic Standard in primary school and can defend herself. Surely she can on an adventure or twenty before she returns home with lots of great stories...

Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Makina Plain Bison meat, when prepared even half decently, is truly something to taste.

Least Favorite Food (Go Nuts)

Pretty much any beast feed. It tastes as bad as it smells.

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