Settling in

"Reporting as requested Captain." Claymore told the Captain and moved into the bridge.

Captain Bruce turned and looked at the cyborg. The man appeared tense. Well tenser than usual.
"Mr. Claymore please report to Medbay. I need you fit for duty before we reach our destination."
He nodded and turned around. Once he was out he the Odian Firewater from his pocket and took yet another swing.
He was in no mood to go and have no doctor prod and probe at his injury. His sensors indicated he had stabilized and was on the road to recovery. He just needed some time to rest.

He made his way towards the lift and decided he was going to crash in the cargo hold where his equipment was. He needed to upload the Shriek soon. The current version was out dated.
The Shriek was a program that those with the right biological hardware could upload into their systems. The Shriek had been developed by Ratnikov Conglomerate a few generation ago that would create a negating field to protect ones thoughts from telepaths. It had been developed primarily for the military but eventually civilian versions had been created as well for the paying public.
It was not cheap to come by and newer version cost more and more.
The Shriek created a psychic static field around a user that hid their thoughts from Readers. Only the strongest of emotions could still leak. The older the versions the more leakage of thoughts and emotions occurred.
The first telepaths that tested trying to break through the field had reported that it was like they were listening to constant screaming thus the programmed gained its name.

He bumped into Krueger on the way to his den.
"What do you have there Robocop?" the engineer asked with his usual swagger.
Claymore looked at the younger man.
"Seems someone rearranged your face, Whiskers. Looks much better." he told he him curtly and passed the man the bottle. There was not much left but the few gulps would still pack a punch.
He was going to spend a lot of time with these people so better to get to them them sooner rather than later.

"When you done with your assignment come down to the cargo hold. Plenty more where that came from." and he walked away.


His den in the cargo hold was a small room where he had found his geared stored. It needed a code to access which Aurelius had provided him with earlier. But not before reminding him that the Captain had ordered him to MedBay. God he hated AI. Always whining.
The room was likely used to secure precious goods or simply to keep important items out of sight. It was perfect for his need for solitude.
He spent the next hour or so arranging in into some form of living accommodation and clearing the mess he had made earlier.
He packed his weapons in crates against the far wall opposite to the entrance. He unrolled his sleeping bag on the floor. He had not been able to find a tarp yet to make that hammock he wanted.
All his other special items he placed to the right of his sleeping back. He had enough to last him a couple of months but would have to restock eventually.
He had not been on a deep space run in a long time.

He sat with his back against the weapons crate and pulled a bottle of Antarian Kshatriya Mead. He took a swing feeling his headache ease up. He pulled a deck of cards out from his backpack.
He hoped the doctor did not come look for him.

OCC: Guys, feel free to come down and have some fun while we wait to see where we are going. Drake64, Thaen93, D2wintr, Nim and tfbats. I mean if you want of course and if you think there is a way you could do it unless it totally contradicts the Captain instructions.
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