The Doctor is Out

ITS Cornucopia
Sick Bay

The combination of the regenerative spray and safe gases coupled with the saline bath did the job as far as any unseen rips or tears in the Mystril's dermal layer went leaving Jurran able to address what needed to be done in order to restore integrity of the Xeno to membrane a durable state before turning her attention the main injury itself.

While technically easier addressing the the main injury was a more involved affair requiring Jurran to employ an energy scalpel to cut away the chaos of dried foam, bandages, and other collected foreign matter a strip at a time. Then once removed applying the cultured artificial membrane in overlapping strips until the large hole was effectively covered. Jurran than using the last of the regenerative spray to coat and seal any gaps in the newly applied dermal layer. An exacting task that when all was said and done had taken roughly two hours to finish.

" And done … " Jurran nodding her approval at the quality of the work as she pulled off the latex gloves and tossed them into the biological disposal bin before washing her hands.

Betty for her part examined the work nodding her approval as well.

"Vitals ?" Jurran inquired.

"The bio-monitor places all the vital's within acceptable ranges for a Mystril Ma'am. All we need to do now is keep an eye out for in Allergic Reactions, Cellular Rejection, and Infection."

"You did very well for you first assist Betty. I am very proud of you." Jurran offered. " So where's our other wayward patient ?"

" Aurelius says that Mr Claymore is holding up in one of the unused storage spaces drinking cleaning products and drain cleaner."

Jurran smirked nodding her understanding." Any reason Aurelius isn't telling me this himself ? "

Betty could only shrug. "Maybe he's shy Ma'am?"

Jurran couldn't help but laugh, finding the idea absurdly amusing. Shaking her head in disbelief as she collected the field surgical kit and heading for the hatch.

" Tell your boyfriend when he has a moment to download a copy of the deck plans to my link so I can find my way around and go fetch our wayward cyborg." Jurran announce heading out the hatch. " And remember to return to the Cutless for your rest cycle, and no boys on the boat little girl."

Betty for her part looking on in stunned silence at the closed hatch trying to grasp the meaning of what had just been said.

" He's not my boyfriend."

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